Dell T3500 Intel Xeon Quad-Core Workstation

Does this workstation already have Windows 10 loaded? If not, how would an upgrade work if Microsoft is no longer doing free upgrades from previous versions of Windows.

Nope. This has Windows 7 Professional.

To upgrade to Windows 10, you will have to purchase a new copy – which IMHO, defeats the reason to purchase this particular computer in that it comes with W7P. If someone’s existing software or hardware doesn’t play well with W10, a refurbished W7 machine is the economical choice.

At my old job, they had one 98 machine still in use because the software they were using wasn’t compatible on newer systems. IT kept a spare machine in the closet just in case the one in use crapped out.

Hi, your computers come with a warranty from AST – are they the company who refurbishes these units?