Dell T5400 Intel Xeon Quad-Core Workstation

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Dell T5400 Intel Xeon Quad-Core Workstation
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CPU Benchmarks

I have a Dell Precision T7400, and FYI these machines require FULLY BUFFERED ECC RAM. Standard non-buffered non-ECC ram is not physically compatible. ECC RAM can be had for a decent price if you look around.

DELL’s full specs:

Not bad for an aging platform (probably the oldest from what we can see in recent times on woot). The dual processor is probably as strong as current i5 processor in most tasks. On the downside, it will consume more power than the current i5.

Picked up the HP Z210 w/E3-1240 xeon processor on a previous woot. I didn’t expect it to be in such good shap but it looked like a 8.9 out of 10. I got it to replace my old HP AMD cpu tower I was using as a Over The Air (OTA) media server but it was soooo slow even with a SSD drive. Just didn’t have the processing power to record, convert and stream recorded tv. Picked up the HP Z based on it’s 300.00 price tage with a decent CPU, 8gb ram and 2tb HDD. I’ve added a 240gb ssd, two 2tb enterprise HDD’s, USB 3.0 4port card and an extra fan for cooling. Though it was a referb, it seems to be all most new. Even the warranty just expired in Jan this year. If I wanted to run a home server, I might consider one of these but not a Dell fan.

Woot: Looking at Dell’s specs, it says this model supports 32gb ram. Mother board shows 8 mem slots and the dual Xeon’s I’ve seen (we have some the HP 8600’s that can run up to 128gb of ram), can we get a confirmation of what motherboard this has or if it can run 32gb of ram? And how many SATA ports does it have? Thanks

Just curious about " I was using as a Over The Air (OTA) media server."

What does this mean in 2015? OTA used to mean broadcasting, as in radio, low power FM, etc.

I have a ATI all-in-wonder TV tuner card in the machine, which is hooked up to a HDTV antenna. I get 35 over the air tv channels in my area. I use windows media center to record shows I want to watch later. Windows MC records in WTV format, so I use a program called MCEBuddy (there is a free version but I bought it) that scans what you recorded, removes the commercials and saves it as MP4 format so roku’s, smart tv’s etc… can view the video.

I’m using KODI as my front in right now trying out different methods recording tv over the internt but I’ve been using PLAYON.TV and it’s PLAYLATER addon for over a year. Works fine but slow to record. I’ve been thinking about dumping my DVR service from my provider so I’ve been using a Silicon Dust HDHome run 3 tuner box w/cable card. It works pretty good, just trying to find a plug in for KODI that will record more then one channel at a time.

So, your assumption is right. OTA is basically the same as it was before cable came to town. Except the channels are in HD (most are) and FREE. Might not get discovery channel or HBO over the air (not yet anyway) but once can drop all but basic cable, and all the equipment you have to rent to watch cable by doing what I do. I have a 16tb NetGear NAS104 box that I keep all my converted DVD/Bluerays on along with all my music and OTA shows. I sample them from time to time to make sure all is well. Guess the end result is the satisfaction of being able to go to bed, turn on the tv, switch to the roku and watch a couple of SeaHunt shows (yep, with Loyd Bridges) before calling it a night, any time I want and knowing that I can do it without depending on Comcast is the reward. If you don’t have the hardware and time to set up a system like that, Silicon dust and Tivo have systems that take all the guess work out but I like to have a machine that can do what mine does and I’m not paying for any subscriptions. Now, after a few months of using this setup, I will try to convene the wife for us to drop the high end cable tv we have and just drum down to the lowest level and take back all the dongles I have to watch cable.

Benchmark is 6456 - actually faster than most I5’s and pretty competitive with that’s available in this price range. I have used these before for gaming rigs, with a speedy graphics card they do alright.

Remember, because these are Xeon’s and 2 cpu’s, they are optimized for multiple tasks, and not for a speedy single task.

These machines are built extremely well though, as I recall. A little tricky to setup, because they build in RAID support and a lot of stuff home users don’t need, but a good deal.

You can find used Dells like this on ebay all the time for about the same price though.

Don’t forget these two 80W cpu’s are using about 110W more to do the same work as that i5 you compared it to

Right. These are made for number crunching and processing. They require ECC ram because they were marketed towards the computer graphics industry or for any market where a single bit being off can screw everything up. Throw a good GPU in one of these and you have a beast of a 3D rendering machine.

Xeon CPU’s are not great for gaming, as they are missing some of Intel’s media processing capabilities in exchange for raw processing power.

From what I’ve seen, this appears to be a great option for someone who uses a lot of programs/windows simultaneously, but it might be a little hard for a home user to set up and might be tricky to add RAM. Is that so? I have to keep 2 browsers with 3-5 windows of 10 tabs each open pretty constantly, plus run Excel and Word, sometimes Acrobat all at the same time. My current MacBook Pro (2011 w/ 8Gb RAM) is choking on it all. I’m not familiar with workstations, so I’m not sure whether this one would choke, too, if I added some extra RAM. Any pointers?

YES Woot please answer this. How much ram confirm the post AND how many SATA ports. There are so many variations of this model online cannot find right infor -THANKS Woot

That’s probably all it can handle. I believe the bottleneck is the front side bus, which is only 1333Mhz. My T7400 can do 128Gb of RAM, but it has a 1600Mhz bus.

We used the Dell T3500 at work, some still do. They sure do take 4GB DIMMs. Don’t think we ever filled one with 8x 4GB DIMMs, but i certify we used at least 3 in one PC giving a proper 12GB RAM total.

Hope this is some help. Had found that RAM of this vintage is hard to find, paradoxically this (and equal-RAM-using HP Z600, Z420) was easier to feed than a HP 6000 SFF desktop. I would source and price desired RAM now before deciding to buy the Dell.

Can I play games that require nVidia GeForce GTX 275 series or higher on this computer? Sorry I’m an idiot.

From another idiot: Any chance it comes with the usual free Windows upgrade?

It doesn’t come with it. Microsoft offers it directly.

More info

The item description says 2 DVI ports, but the picture of the back shows something different. Am I just not seeing things correctly? I need a machine I can use 2 monitors with.

If it matters, my HP I got from woot a few weeks ago has been prompting me to upgrade to windows 10. Even OEM’s are getting a free 10 upgrade if that matters. I’m staying with 7, till it turns into another XP. Though MS said 7 is going bye bye later on like xp, I doubt they will stick to that. 7 has such a foothold, even giving 10 for free isn’t going to pry it out of our IT hands LOL. And your not an idiot for asking, only lonely arrogant Aholes in our field would lable you as such. Maybe a noob but not an idiot. We were all clueless at some point but years of clicking YES instead of NO has made us much wiser. :slight_smile: