Dell UltraSharp 22” Widescreen Monitor

the Dell site.

Wow, this is tempting. 22" portrait mode would be awesome to type on.

cnet’s review

might as well buy from dell I guess, same price

i used one of these at work and they are great monitors, and this is a great price, even taking into account the fact that it’s refurbished. just don’t use a monitor this large with a VGA cable, or you will notice a lowering of overall quality, such as blurred text on webpages and other small annoyances. enjoy.

We have these at work and they are alright… gonna go to bed, if any are left when I wake up, I might very well buy one.

Actually, the 90-degree rotate is pretty awesome. great for reading long texts or viewing books or comic books on the computer (if that’s your sort of thing).

pretty lousy reviews for q/c on cnet:

Forget it! As with every other TN panel, viewing angle in portrait mode is way too limited.

I’m wondering about two things here.

  1. Where can you buy this as a refurb from Dell.

  2. I’ve never bought a refurb monitor. Should I expect bad pixels or will it smell like cigarettes?

Here are some reviews from people who bought this monitor new, from Dell

will it work with an HP?

Way too limited for what?

It appears dell has made that page unavailable. I’d hoped to find hard numbers on it’s viewing angle.

Daym, I was gonna jump on this. But after reading the Dell review on their site, I’m having doubts. I have 2007wfp and one guy said this one is far inferior. Daym!

This is last year’s model, the 2009 model is 2209. I have 2x 2208’s at work and don’t have any qualms with them, but I’ve only used them for work (no gaming or watching movies, etc).

Our company bought 101 Dell 22" flat panel widescreen monitors last November. These monitors like to go black-screen. We have replaced about 75 of the 101 at least once, and replaced an unknown quantity twice. Some people are on their third monitor. I have replaced 4 out of the 5 such monitors just in my offie. Other than the high failure rate, they are great monitors.

I was very excited and ready to buy this, then I looked at the Dell site.
Went back to look at it again and now it’s gone. So I won’t be scooping this one up. If Dell is going to hide their site like that now this things up here then… Ugh. I can’t research it like that.

Anyone have hard numbers in the viewing angles for this thing?

Edit: Cookies from trying to check the price from dell got in the way. once I cleared them, I was good to go.

Dell 2208wfp Tech Specs

Link for tech specs including viewing angle.