Dell UltraSharp 23" IPS Monitor with LED

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Dell UltraSharp 23" IPS Monitor with LED
Price: $99.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Friday, Nov 24 to Wednesday, Nov 29) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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IPS? Good.

It has DisplayPort but no HDMI. DisplayPort is good. And, you can fallback to DVI or even VGA.

Personally, I won’t consider a monitor for purchase unless it has DisplayPort. Maybe it’s just me.

HDMI = DVI + audio

Since this monitor does not contain speakers, there is no reason for it to have HDMI.

Now, if all you have are HDMI cords and no DVI cords laying around, or your computer/laptop has HDMI but no DVI, then this monitor may not be for you.

DP = audio and video so there. :slight_smile:

But yeah, that might be the reason. I have hdmi ports and cables. But a quick search and Walmart has hdmi to display port cables for $8.50.

I have been wanting to swap my mismatched monitors for a pair of vesa compatible cheapies. Just might jump on this one.

Shoot. I was about to pull the trigger on this, but all I have is HDMI

The make adapters for that.


I see it has a 1yr Dell warranty but the link is dead.
“We can’t find the page you’re looking for.You can use the search option, or try visiting one of the links below.”

Does this 1yr included Dell’s pixel warranty?

Purchased Nov 21, was delivered Nov 24, and that’s with Thanksgiving holiday in there - amazing! Product is in perfect condition, even better than I anticipated, being a refurb.

I have graphics cards on all my computers (as opposed to just the built-in display ports), so I’ve been patiently waiting for a monitor with DVI go show up on Woot. I have no need for HDMI, and unfortunately most new consumer monitors are coming with just VGA and HDMI. So, this UltraSharp is just what I wanted.

Very happy with this purchase! (Packaging was terrible, fortunately monitor survived the trip.)

packaging was terrible and mine did NOT survive the trip. the monitor had some air filled plastic and brown paper in the box. the monitor was packed on the bottom, facing down with maybe one inch of air between the screen and the bottom of the box. when i powered it up there was a what appeared to be a crack on the inside of the monitor, as there was what could best be described as a spider-web of white lines in the upper right and a number of colored lines on the screen. woot suggested i contact dell for service. dell said the item is four years old and is outside of warranty. woot is out of stock on the monitor so i am returning it for a refund. very disappointed with this experience.

ETA 11/28: received an email yesterday from customer service saying they located a monitor to swap out the defective one i received. shipped it back today and am waiting for an estimated delivery date of the replacement. very happy they found one and will update when i receive it.