Dell Venue Tablets

Here’s a CNET review:

Here is a charging trick for the Venue 8 Pro to use the USB port and charge at the same time:

Does the Venue 8 Pro come with Office Home and Student, like all the Venue 8 Pros I see on the Dell site?

Seem to be excellent prices for 64 GB Venue 8 Pro and i5 Venue 11 Pro, compared to Dell outlet, Staples, and Best Buy. Am I missing something in the specs?

We can’t guarantee it on a factory reconditioned item. It depends on whether Office was already registered or not.

Does the Latitude 10 have the Wacom digitizer or is it the “Essentials” model?

Please, Please, Please…my aspiring writer of a daughter (8th grade) would be most appreciative if you could somehow swing the Office on the Venue 8 we ordered.

You can get a student discount on tons of software with her Student ID or report card.

There are many places but I know this place as we purchased from them when I worked for a school district and I also purchased from the personally.

Finally, an actual DEAL on woot. Just to note, the $520 i5 model includes a 4300Y CPU instead of a 4210Y. The 4300 is basically the 4210’s replacement, that extra $20 will likely get you a newer tablet that worked out some of the kinks that the early Venue 11s had. (As well as giving you 400 extra mhz of turbo)

Thanks for the tip. However, free would be…free!

A couple of months ago I got a new Venue 8 pro at TD (item DEI-101817758)for $249 (it is at that price again, but only from an email link sent to me this week) No Sales tax there. I use a bluetooth mouse with it from Cannon. (Google Cannon Mark I QVC, $9.78 and free shipping) I was able to connect to the web using PDAnet with a usb adapter cable and my cell phone. So far I haven’t been able to connect the rdp with Cisco Anyconnect but that is probably my fault. Sometimes the charge light doesn’t come on. The micro usb port is not exactly the same as other micro usb ports. Don’t force it in there. It is my first Win 8 device. Online it seems that a few folks have had trouble with the micro USB port. So far I have no major complaints. This does look like a nice price for a powerful device. Mine did come with Office, Home and Student edition. The refurb is $35 more at TD than here and no MS Office on the refurb there either.

I write professionally with Abiword (free). When I send my articles to be put into a book, etc., I send plain ASCII files. Word embeds hidden characters that drive layout people nuts. Even saving in Word’s “text” format seems to leave embedded formatting characters.

##Laugh of the day where I work:

Recently, a co-worker added some temporary lines of text to a commercial site concerning the temporary lack of a certain service. He misspelled “inconvenience” and Word corrected it for him: “We apologize for any incontinence.” Yes, it made it to the site for a day or two.

I use Libre Office (which is free and open source) on my Venue 8 Pro. It works well.

Kingsoft Office is my favorite “clone”. It’s free (has word/excep/powerpoint clones) and looks dead on in look and feel to Office 2010 and older. Most people we recommend this to are pretty happy with it. It’s also very lightweight and fast compared to Libra/Open Office.

Does anyone know if the Latitude 10.1 is the Standard or Essentials model? The specs listed seem to mix it between the two.

Has anyone been able to find a case for the i5 Venue? I’ve tried Amazon and google shopping without luck.

To everyone talking about office 2013 suite, you can get the full suite for $10 if you work in the corporate environment. Most major corporations offer this discount.

Has anyone else had issues with Dell tech support insisting on some kind of ownership change form?