Dell Vostro Small Form Factor Desktop

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Dell Vostro Small Form Factor Desktop
Price: $399.99
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NewEgg reviews

The processor’s a good one, the quad-core i5 is surprisingly capable, I have two machines built on them. When I saw the Vostro on Woot I decided to go to Amazon and pay a little more for the refurbed model that was a little faster, had 8GB, and Nvidia graphics, but this one will do fine for most things. The biggest weakness in my opinion is that it has only two SATA ports, so you couldn’t add a SSD without having to drop the optical drive.

CPU Benchmarks

$80 less than NewEgg. Maybe it looks better if I say that it’s 17% off the NewEgg price?

Anyone happen to know if that x16 pci port is a 2.0 or 3.0? Cant imagine it is actually a first gen pci eh?

2.0. Doesn’t matter much in a system of this size and specs though.

Anyone know if the upgrade to 8 GB of ram would be just one more 4 chip or does it have 2 chips of 2 and would need 2 new chips?

How much would the 4GB chip go for nowadays?

As far as the audio outs, in one an optical out by chance?

Dell Specs

Another question. How would this compare to this guy for general home use?

The PCIe x16 lane is third generation
The PCIe x1 and msata are second gen

Dell Vostro 270s Product Support

Dell Vostro 270s Owner’s Manual

Chipset notes:

Intel B75 Chipset LGA 1155/H2.

Processor appears to be socketed, but there’s not much of an upgrade path (marginal improvement to 3570S (slightly faster i5) or even 3770S (same as 3570s, but with 2 MB more cache).

Chipset does not support RST or VPro

Here’s a video of someone opening it up and poking the CPU:

It looks like there is just one RAM chip. Another 4Gb will set you back $30-50, depending on the model.

Anyone else who bought this have issues with theirs? Mine did not power on out of the box - good thing it’s under 1 yr warranty with Dell and after 1.5 hours with customer service they will be sending me a new replacement.

Mine, too, did not power on out of the box.

I noticed the power supply was set to 230 when it should be set to 115 and after changing that the system powered on.

Someone at Woot should notify purchasers and send me a gift for troubleshooting this. :slight_smile:

BTW, I went on the Dell and the warranty start date is: January 08, 2015 and the end date is January 09, 2016.
So much for the new warranty!
Woot! This feels like a grey market unit meant for Europe.
I would like my whole year warranty!