Dell Wyse D90D7 AMD Thin Client

Dell Wyse D90D7 AMD Thin Client

2GB DDR3 memory - For multitasking power


16GB solid state drive has plenty of space to store your digital albums, music library and rich media files


Anyone know if these parts are replaceable?

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Yes. And you can probably buy an external HD during the Woot off.

These are thin clients, which means they are meant to boot and run Windows off of a server image. They were not designed to be used as stand-alone workstations, so I don’t know why Woot! is positioning these as some kind of media center. According to the specs at DELL, this will take up to 4GB of DDR3, but the internal flash is only ever gonna be 16GB. You could hook up an external hard drive to boost the storage, but internally, it probably couldn’t hold a full install of Win 7 Basic. Lubuntu might run on it, though…