Dell XPS 12.5" 4K Detachable Touch Notebook

This looks like the screen tilts only in a single fixed direction when attached to the keyboard. Is that right?

Per the computers team: “As far as I can tell, the keyboard is more like a dock than anything. You put the tablet in the slot and it kinda just hold there by gravity.”

Yes - the tablet is held at a fixed angle with the keyboard. But - the angle is pretty convenient and the tablet does not “fall out” easily. You can “fold” the tablet on top of the keyboard and the two magnetically “stick” together. The entire package is quite nice and the m5 processor and hi-res screen make the portable useful for many tasks-if you’re comfortable working off a small screen. Lots o’ complaints about battery life in reviews-my experience has been battery life is commensurate with processing power and display quality. If you’re working (Word, Excel, etc) battery life is OK, if you’re playing (games, movies, etc) battery life can be short.

Keep in mind too that 4K means many more times the pixels, thus much more power needed for the screen… and it’s a 12" screen.

To see anything on the screen, you will need to seriously scale Windows to a larger size, thus negating the fact that you have 4K worth of resolution. You may as well just get the 1080 screen and have longer battery life (it’s 1/2 the pixels of a 4K screen). This kind of data shows up often on the big review sites (notebookcheck, etc)

It’s basically kind of a pointless option to have on such a small screen…