Dell XPS 15.6" QHD+ Intel i7 Touch Laptop

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Dell XPS 15.6" QHD+ Intel i7 Touch Laptop
Price: $1349.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Friday, Oct 17 to Wednesday, Oct 22) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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CPU Benchmark

One year warranty?

This close. THIIIIS close. If it had a 3 year warranty like some of the more recent Latitudes, I’d be 100% in.

Dell XPS 15-9530 Product Support

Dell XPS 15-9530 Owner’s Manual

Time to learn all about the processor and learn all about USB 3.0

I am definitely interested in one of these.

The one review on the mothership and it was for 1 star only. Complaint about the screen brightness.

That would be a big concern for me. I will have to check out some other reviews.

Here is another review I found on a German version but in English.

I still have one of these (exact same specs) in almost new condition that I’m trying to get rid of (nothing wrong, I just don’t like some things about it)… message me if interested

That person must’ve gotten defective units… I have one and it’s too bright at the normal setting

Edit: now that I have it in front of me (it’s sitting at work), I can see how someone who likes very bright screens might consider it too dim. Not sure why I remembered it being super bright, but now I’d say it’s average. Still don’t think it’s too dim, never had that thought pop into my mind while I was using it (probably overthinking it now), and haven’t heard that from anyone else who’s played with it.

The only redeeming factor of this machine is it’s overpowered proc. I mean really, if I wanted a content creating machine I would hardly look at a laptop. One that has no Optical drive to boot!

This machine is like the delorean. Too much performance in a body that cannot make use of it.

I cannot even come close to describing the screen, as I have not seen it in action. Just imagine something feeding triple the standard resolution with a backlight 1.4 times the current standard.

Daylight comes again, let me hook up my smarTV and hope the HDMI cable isn’t kinked.

I just bought one of these, and literally received it yesterday… I’ve only had a couple hours to play with it, but a few things I noticed… A. It is lightning quick, CPU, GPU, RAM, and SSD make this thing scream… I checked out some 4k videos on youtube and was amazed at how good they looked… I am actually considering buying this one, and returning the one I just received… (Cause it’s $1,000 cheaper!!!) Yes, this laptop, new is $2500+, so, to me at least, getting it for $1,000 of seems like an awesome deal…

Just my $0.02 worth…


“Content creating machine” with no NIC - interesting concept. I can’t imagine the tedium of sending multi-gigabyte files over WiFi. At least the USB 3 will allow for alternatives.

Anyone know if these will run Linux? (have not googled).

Dell laptops in the last 10-15 years are not known for their robust construction - is this one any better?

Spent a few minutes with the reviews on Dell - nevermind, this thing is not ready for prime time.

Optical Drive: SuperMulti DVD±RW

A laptop (appropriately configured) is a better “content creating” platform than a desktop merely by virtue of its portability.

Your DeLorean analogy is also a bit off the mark - if anything the car was woefully under-powered at 130HP…

I really need to beg to differ on the performance of Dell Computers. I have owned nothing but Dell laptops and Dell desktops for 14 years (the one exception is the cheap HP laptop i bought on here not long ago) and I have had no problem with any of them - AND I wasn’t just an occasional user. I used them 8 hours each and every day - never a problem except i had to get the power port fixed on one of the laptops after about 6 years of use. ALL of my Dell laptops and desktop still work without issues.

This doesn’t make sense. Not only has 10/100 BASE T not been the standard for performance laptops for at least the last 3 years (that honor goes to Gigabit Ethernet), but the description for the laptop on Dell’s site specifically omits any mention of ethernet:

On top of that, an optical drive appears to be absent in the pictures. Are you guys including external optical drives and external NICs?

If you have an 802.11ac router you can get pretty good speeds on the wifi.

yes, you need latest kernels for touchscreen and SD but Mint for example seemed to work just fine (didn’t test SD though). The desktop environments are just now getting there with high dpi scaling though so there’s still problems there

To MOD: I have one sitting in front of me. It has NO ethernet. Unless you guys got some super-special ultra secret XPS 15 9530, or are including a usb dongle and considering that a port, there is no (wired) NIC.

I just wanted to second this from having one in front of me. There is NO integrated wired NIC or optical drive, unless they have some super special secret version of the XPS 15 9530 or are including external versions and counting those. Edit: no need to open a box even, just confirm it from the pictures if you don’t believe me

Also, this one I can’t confirm because it could indeed be a custom configuration (or I could just be flat mistaken), but I don’t think Dell has sold a version that has only the SSD and the smaller 61Whr battery. All the units with SSD only that I’ve seen have the SSD as miniPCIE and use the extra drive bay space to include the 91Whr battery. So it’s possible they got that spec wrong in the other direction, but I can’t be sure.

That one’s probably a custom configuration. You can configure things to more granular detail e.g. as a retailer when doing a mass order.

But I’m still floored by the optical drive and NIC comments. It’s like Amazon hired techphobic staff to run sales.