Dell XPS 15.6" QHD+ Intel i7 Touch Laptop

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I am typing this on pretty much this exact laptop and thus far I couldn’t be happier.

The only thing to note here is that this is the smaller of the two battery options - the other being a 91 WHr, 6-Cell Battery. The fact that this is refurbished (not sure if battery is changed) combined with the smaller battery may limit portability.

Bought one of these the last time around, just a couple weeks ago. Showed up with two broken keys on the keyboard, a trackpad that was hanging loose on one corner, and throwing a BSOD that Dell support indicated required reseating of the RAM or SSD connector. When he heard that, it was the closest I’ve ever come to hearing Indian tech support admit that a computer was in deep yogurt.

Warranty is a one-year Dell Depot, and the guy on the phone warned me there was a chance they would deny the claim due to physical damage (despite it being out-of-the-box issues). Returned it to Woot rather than take the chance on a $1400 computer after tax.

Otherwise it was a beautiful, fast laptop for the 2 days I had it. The aluminum case and rubberized keyboard bezel quality was up there with a MBP.

Coming up from Windows 7, I can see why people hate Windows 8.1, but the touchscreen makes it bearable. Never really put it through the ringer, of course.

I think this would be an unbeatable deal on a new computer. Based on my N=1 experience, however, these refurbs are not ready for primetime.

No wired network connection at this price?? That’s a deal-breaker for me! There are ways to squeeze an Ethernet jack into the slim design. Can’t always rely on wireless…

Hey all, just want to save you a little frustration here. As part of Dell’s factory reconditioning, they register the unit to the seller (Woot).

To use the warranty, you’ll need to transfer that ownership. Once you transfer ownership, you’ll be good to go on that warranty.

Dell Transfer Website:

I am confused by the small battery in the specs because as far as I know Dell never sold the 512GB SSD version with the smaller battery. In fact, you need the SSD version to have the larger battery. EDIT - Checked Dell and they do not sell the 512GB SSD with the 61Whr battery, they only sell it with the 91Whr battery.

Anyways, it is easy to work on this machine. So if you want to replace the battery yourself with the larger version that is easy to do. If you want to add a larger laptop HDD in addition to the SSD you can do that also (but have to keep the smaller battery).

Overall I have this exact same laptop since it was released a year ago and it has been great. The battery life is excellent and the build quality is top notch.

If you need wired ethernet, do what I did and get a $20 USB3 Gigabit adapter, works great.

I bought one the last time around and really like it. Although it said it was the smaller battery it showed up with the larger battery in it. It is for me a terrific value.

XPS 15-9530 Product Support

XPS 15-9530 User Guide

“With over 5.7 million pixels, that’s 5x the resolution of standard HD.”

Not really. It’s 6.25x 1280*720 or 2.78x 1920x1080. I guess if you consider 720 “standard” HD it’s true, but then why not say 6x?

You should be able to get a USB Ethernet dongle for pretty cheap.

Yes! This unit is reported to have a less than stellar keyboard and known wifi issues that Dell has not addressed. Why are they able to sell this product at an $800.00 discount? Hmmmmmm!

I still have one of these and am happy to answer any questions. Glad they got the lack of ethernet and optical straight this time. Still looking to get rid of mine (4702hq, 91whr battery, other than that the same specs) too if anyone is interested

New ones are $50 more direct from Dell (with the appropriate coupon codes)

I got my information here:

Big difference…woot has 512 gb ssd.