Dell XPS 8900 Intel i5, GT 730 Desktop

Anyone know about the motherboard used? I’m particularly interested in how many expansion slots (I assume all PCIe) and what sizes (x16, x8, x-cetera)

Nevermind, found more info here:

“Limited Quantity available”
Dell is currently running a presidents day promo sale

For a NEW 8900 XPS with the same specs as this machine

That’s Windows 10 Home. Ours has Windows 10 Pro.

Valid point, but I don’t think many people use a gaming machine in a domain setup. Other than, the obvious other benefits of pro {bit locker “encryption” enterprise IE mode assigned access 8.1 and remote desktop} Its still only a 99 dollar upgrade away.

Ive been thinking about pulling the trigger on one of these systems, since im “home PC less” at the moment; but, the cost seems to be a little high for factory reconditioned

Windows 10 Pro comes with downgrades right; Home doesn’t. It can be a pain to use them, but I can downgrade to Win7Pro without having to purchase a new license.