Dell XPS 9550 15" 4K UHD Intel i7 Laptop

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Dell XPS 9550 15" 4K UHD Intel i7 Laptop
Price: $949.99 - 999.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard (Free with Prime)
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Monday, Mar 05 to Thursday, Mar 08) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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2/9/2018 - $949.99 - 999.9

Folks, you may need to be careful about the deal. Last November, I bought a XPS 15 9550 (i7-6700HQ,16GB-256GB), but what was delivered is one with wrong spec (i5-6300HQ,8GB-256GB) and didn’t even power on. Woot denied to replace the unit or refund, since it passed 21 days,and advised me to contact DELL under 1-year warranty. DELL site says, however, the unit is not under warranty. Luckily, my engineer friend fixed the unit, and it is now working. I intend to keep this unit, and have just asked WOOT to compensate for the downgraded spec (i7->i5,16GB->8GB) and repair fee. WOOT has kept silent to my request, which I believe is legitimate and reasonable. Be careful, guys!

Damn. Legitimate concern. Will make me carefully read all fine print from buying expensive electronics going forward. Shame on you Woot!

Just purchased a refurb XPS-15 from DELL. Warranty same as new.

I would suggest looking around for discounts before purchasing. I found one that gave me an additional 15%.

Why didn’t you contact Woot immediately rather than waiting 21 days? Plus, I’m sure your credit card would have worked with you to get a refund and return. Anyway, Woot now offers returns, so if you get the wrong stuff it’s easy to fix.

This particular laptop is quite good and well priced for the features. Haven’t seem a 1TB SSD laptop with discreet graphics on Dell’s outlet very often, especially at this price.

I purchased this laptop from Woot about 3 weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised that mine arrived with 32GB of memory. This laptop is very fast and works great. I’m almost tempted to get another one.

No disrespect, but how can you wait 21 days to realize that the specs are different?

Wait so the specs were not as advertised, and it didn’t power on, and yet you waited 21 days to file a return? Sounds like you’re not telling us the whole story.

Why such powerful computer not use Win 10 pro?

You know some people have jobs that require overnight stays for multiple weeks or maybe a spouse or parent has been in the hospital. Still it’s not the best idea to purchase something that expensive when you can’t look at it pretty soon after it’s delivered.

Hey there, I’m sorry to hear about this! Unfortunately, due to several issues with how long you’ve had the item before contacting us and your current location, we aren’t able to offer much help in refunds or returns. To receive Dell support, make sure you are registering your product on their site and your warranty should then show up.

i have had this since Nov 2016. the only problem is the battery. it will swell up and make the trackpad useless (plus the fact that it could explode). dell would not replace my first one or help me in any way. now, on my third battery, they have a program in place to replace your battery free, but that will probably not last long either.

You are assuming and speculating a lot there. The OP should clarify what happened.

No more than you were. Unless it was 90 plus days between purchase and contacting Woot which given the dates is unlikely, then Woot still should have at least offered assistance since they offer a 90 day warranty. Especially in a case that borders on fraud.

Great deal (provided you get the specs provided, and not a completely different unit), especially with the 1Tb NVMe disk.

Two things: this unit has the smaller battery listed (two separate capacities, to boot), which doesn’t appear correct for the 4K/UHD screen. The UHD models should have the 84w/h battery. If this really has the smaller capacity battery, battery life will be dismal.

The other is the 4K screen. It’s glossy. Like a mirror glossy. So much so, that I sold my 9560 4K model, and got a Precision 5520 with the FHD matte/AG screen instead.

Also, if you have a 9550 with the swelling battery/trackpad, Dell should be replacing them whether it’s still under warranty or not:

Yesterday I purchased the i7 verison of the Surface Book Pro off Woot for roughly same price.

Surface Book 13 Woot 2/27/18

My question is, putting aside the obvious difference of the detachable screen & stylus features, is there any other reason to not go with this laptop instead? Dell specs seem superior in almost every way. Does Microsoft now command a Apple-like premium for less impressive specs?

If you bought it with a credit card (not debit) you have 120 to do a chargeback for fraud and item not as described.

Which is why you always purchase anything of value with a credit card, not debit card.

Command, no. Charge, yes.

You think WOOT is not liable for having delivered a unit with lower-spec parts (i5 & 8GB), which did not work either, once the first 21 days expire? I don’t think so. I am just asking WOOT to compensate for this downgrade (plus repair fee,) not return or full refund, as I had emailed already (but no response yet from you).

As for DELL warranty, DELL records show the said unit had been under warranty from Dec 2015 to Mar 2017, and it looks possible to extend the warranty, but for fee. WOOT’s ad said the unit is under 1-year warranty. Please clarify on this also.