Dell XPS 9550 15" Intel i7 256GB Laptop

Features: Windows 8
Specs: Windows 10 Home

Well? What is the real answer?

Sorry about that. It’s Windows 10. Sale has been updated.

Did anyone actually get this computer? I got completely screwed. They sent the wrong computer twice, and the second one was faulty. Did anyone actually get this computer as advertised?

I received the wrong computer as well half of the specs and three years old

My experience with customer service has been awful, they seem to just be ghosting me now, after I asked for a refund. How has it been for you?

They sent me a return label from UPS with slim to no details in the email saying they were doing so. This is the fourth issue with computers over the past month. Ordered an HP omen battery dead week later, ordered an all in one never arrives, ordered another omen they cancel it a week later, ordered this got the wrong computer. they did offer 150 dollars off or a refund