I can’t believe they are doing Dell sale again! I haven’t received my order from July 3! Same specs but the current one is more expensive by 40 - !!! Support emailed a week after and said they don’t have bronze anymore and if the merlot is ok. I said ok even though I bought a bronze mouse on the same order. Got the mouse but still no Dell computer. It’s been two weeks and they are selling the bronze again? I’ve ordered a computer speaker before and didn’t get it! No info from support then they refunded me a month after. What’s going on with woot? I used to order and get it within days. The past year, it’s has not been as cool!

If you haven’t received tracking, you can try using your order number as the Reference ID to ‘Track by Reference’ on FedEx or UPS’ websites.

If you need further assistance, please email CS can help sort things out.

Amazon bought Woot back in 2010ish from the original guy.

Basically, Woot is now just a company that has sold out and is now a poorly run company. Terrible response by the “Staff”…makes me think it’s customer support that doesn’t quite understand English.

[MOD EDIT] No need to bring race into it.

Your thought is incorrect. While we are Amazon owned, our support staff is entirely in Dallas and are fully fluent in the English language.

To be fair, some of these are labeled “Inspirion” instead of “Inspiron.”

I still love Woot though… and the customer service has always been stellar.

What is HDMI v.1.4? I’ve only known HDMI and mini HDMI so I am confused by the 1.4 listing.

It’s a standard size HDMI plug, but the version numbers tell you what, besides HD audio/video transmission, the HDMI port is capable of.

1.4 added internet over HDMI and better 3D support.

I actually contacted them! I have two open case numbers. I emailed support and no response. The tracking number thats on my order is for the bronze mouse that I have received and it already said its delivered! Im posting here in hopes someone might check on it.

Im sending another email and filling out the customer service form again.

Thanks Woot! CS replied within hours of posting here and they refunded me my money. They said it was lost in transit.

Does the 8GB of RAM in the 2710 consume one or two slots? I want a system with 16GB but if So adding 8GB in one slot isn’t a big deal but having to replace all the existing memory is much more expensive.

The RAM uses two memory slots.

OK, Next question. What is the max memory? I see conflicting information on Dell’s site. is it 16 or 8 GB?

The max memory in these AIO is 16 GB. I usually buy RAM at Crucial

Is the Dell XPS 8700 new or refurbished? Also, is there a way to extend the warranty beyond 1 year?

It is NEW. You’ll see the condition listed on the sale’s detail page below the price.

There are various options outside of woot to extend your warranty - Dell, Squaretrade, etc.

I hope I wont receive a faulty Dell venue 8 tablet, read so many negative reviews on the web about woot

You do not need an additional warranty on an Dell XPS 8700. You do need to register this computer with the company.

You do get a one year warranty on your product from Dell. If the tablet is DOA contact CS at Woot.

its been 2 days and I still see my tablet at shipping status…