DeLoach Designate Pinot Noir 2-Pack

DeLoach Vineyard Designate Pinot Noir 2-Pack
$78.99 (Normally $120.00) 34% off List Price
2007 Sonoma Stage Pinot Noir
2008 Sonoma Stage Pinot Noir
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how does this compare to the OFS Pinot?

Wow I think the Deloach 15$~ pinot’s are great. These must be pretty amazing

Yep, these are a real treat.

Very happy to have DeLoach.

I’m a big DeLoach drinker, and a member of their club. About 4-5 years ago, the list price on Sonoma Stage was $85, it has fallen down to $60 in recent years. It is a wonderful wine, their best. I think the economy just couldn’t stomach an $85 (or even $60) California pinot. California Pinots really cap out at $50, beyond that and the market moves to French Bourgogne.

Anyways, at $78, this is a standout deal.

To the person who asked about OFS, well I love OFS, especially for the value. It is about $10-15 cheaper than their vineyard designates and almost half the price of Sonoma Stage designate. They are different wines, but Sonoma Stage is definitely the special occasion wine whereas OFS is great for frequent enjoyment. However, at $78 for 2x Sonoma Stage, it’s a reasonable deal for sure.

I will attest that I don’t think I’ve tried either of these vintages, although I’ve had 2004-2006 before.

I’m on the fence on this deal, but my gut says I wouldn’t be disappointed with these at $40 a pop.


Alright, I went in for one.

Can somebody explain what the term “Designate” means here?

Good morning from CA everyone! Mike from DeLoach here, happy to answer your questions.

tapermule and jjfahey - BrianV had it right, compared to the OFS Pinot this is a single vineyard, which is also why we call it a “Vineyard Designate.” The OFS is a blend from a few different vineyards around the Russian River. The OFS is a little more value oriented as well. The Sonoma Stage really shines for a special occasion (especially with Thanksgiving around the corner).

BrianV - Thank you for the kind words! So glad to hear that you are a big fan and have enjoyed the club.

Vineyard Designate Series

The Vineyard Designate Series is comprised of limited-production wines from some of the region’s most acclaimed vineyards. Each wine is crafted to reflect the unique characteristics of a specific terroir and highlights the beauty and elegance of the grapes from that location.

Couldn’t have said it any better! Thank you loveladyelectric =)

Is it the AVA or varietal that commands such a premium? Looking at the website, it’s a bunch of 90 pt rated wines that hover around $45-65. That seems high. I pay that for Paso Robles vineyards I’m a member of, but they also deliver 94+ pt wines on a regular basis.

To the winemaker: How does this compare to the 2010 RRV and 2010 Estate PNs? I assume they’re more ready to drink. What do you think it would pair well with?

I bit anyway
Last Wooter to Woot:loveladyelectric

It is a combination of both. The AVA is a big part of it, and Pinot Noir from the Russian River in general is in high-demand.

The 2010 RRV Pinot is our “everyday” style Pinot Noir, I am a big fan pairing it with anything from lighter, red-sauce pastas and risottos to grilled fish (salmon is my favorite).

The 2010 Estate Pinot is a richer style of Pinot Noir that comes from our organic and Biodynamic vineyards. At its young age can pair well with some dished that might be a little bolder or richer such as duck or even glazed ribs.

The Sonoma Stage Pinots definitely have some power to them so I would suggest almost the same pairings as the Estate Pinot Noir.

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I really thought you would tee off on the BioDynamics, not the points.


DeLoach Rep, please estimate cellaring potential (& in the interests of clarity, use year #s such as “2014,” not “7 years”), how these vintages compare to each other & '05 & '06, and how the flavor profiles will likely evolve as time advances.

I have found very little info regarding the Sonoma Stage Designate & invite anything more you can volunteer. Thanks!

Can do! Great questions by the way.

Personally I am a big fan of the '07 as it is tasting right now, it has a great acidity for the backbone and the red fruit is still shining through. A great caramel flavor is there too. It bridges that gap of being able to sip it on its own and working well with a food pairing. If you like that fruit to tone down a bit more wait till 2015.

The '08 is a pretty fruit driven wine, big red fruits and even hints of plum. Extremely similar to the '07 but a little bit richer. Depending on how prominent you like the fruit to be I could see this going to at least 2015 if not 2017 (depending on your personal tastes).

As these age you will see the fruit subside slowly, bringing about more earthy and spice tones.

The '05 and '06 saw much more new oak, up to 50%. So the fruit there is not quite as prominent as it was in more recent vintages. The '07 and '08 saw about 35% new oak so you still get some nice oak characteristics but not quite as heavy as previous vintages, allowing the fruit to shine a bit more.

All French Oak was used by the way.

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