DeLoach Vineyards Chardonnay (4)

DeLoach Vineyards Russian River Chardonnay 4-Pack
Sold by: Boisset Collection - Buena Vista Winery
$57.99 $116.00 50% off List Price
2014 DeLoach Chardonnay, Russian River Valley

Tasting Notes - DeLoach Chardonnay

I was lucky enough to get a golden ticket bottle of this wine. A surprise single bottle delivery, followed a few hours later with the e-mail.

We put it in the fridge to chill immediately, but from the e-mail learned we had time to wait for a better meal to pair with. So we had this with linguini and clam sauce.

The color of this wine is a straw gold, pretty typical for a Chard.

Wine was initially colder than it should be. Nose was subdued with citrus and some other fruit that we thought of as melon. This is very crisp on the palate, nice acidity and mainly citrus. Nice finish that lingered. Very pleased with the wine.

After it warmed a little to more typical white temps, the nose was more pronounced. Still the citrus, but the other fruit notes came through more. The change was more on the palate. Started to get some creaminess and oak. Started thinking unoaked, but there is some oak and thought it would change to a buttery Chard. It only went partway and had a great mix of the creamy mouthfeel but retaining the crispness that I like. (Learned that the wine is a mix of oaked and stainless, which explains what I tasted.) Finish was similar.

We really enjoyed this wine. I tend to prefer unoaked Chard more often than a buttery, oaky one. This wine was a nice blend of the two styles, what I would call the best of both.

If you like your Chard to be a butter bomb, this will fall short. Otherwise, this is a great wine for the money.

Finally had the time to order and it won’t ship to CT. If the winery comes in and can facilitate a shipment to CT, I would appreciate it.

Couldn’t pass up placing this Chard. Top Top shelf wine at a great price.

Help me out. We really liked this as a Debater, and would like to get more. You’ve got pull, right?

I just 25 buck for one Bottle the other day. Well worth that price

OK, that’s just wrong! You get to rat it, but you can’t order it? Talk about taking one for the team! WD, help a brother out!

I have picked up this wine a time or two in the NH state package store. It’s quite nice, as I recall.

We’ve enjoyed a few De Loach pinots, never had the chard. In for one since the boss said we need more whites in the cellar!

There is this guy in Buffalo. :wink:

At first, I wanted to complain, as it happened on the Roessler PN as well. But then I realize it lets me try wines that I could not get here, so it works out fine.

I will look in NH next time I go through. As I decided not to wootleg, though there is this guy in Buffalo.

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