DeLonghi 10-Cup Thermal Cafe and Coffee Maker



DeLonghi 10-Cup Thermal Cafe & Coffee Maker

$49.99 + $5 shipping

condition: Refurbished

pricing for future reference


is this a good coffeemaker? a good value? isnt cheap at $50 for a refurb



A refurbed coffee maker? I’ll pass.


So much stainless steel on it. Already have a coffee maker though.




high # of low scores


I own one of these. It makes a good cup of coffee. They go for like $150 at a Starbucks store. It does have some problems. The lid sometimes leaks when you go to poor, apparently the oils from the coffee cause it to not completely seal, but it does not happen too often for me.

Now, whenever someone comes over and has a cup of coffee, that’s when there are problems. You have to turn the lid and people somehow can never manage to line up the arrows and that will cause it to leak all over every time.


looks like a trash can crappng out a coffee pot. yuk


I work at Starbucks. We sold these damned machines for a while, and now corporately, we will no longer sell machines.Why?

Every machine we sold, these included had nasty defects. They simply did not work. One even electrified the water… the customer found that out the hard way.

Ones that worked at first later had overflowing problems. Like setting coffee to start brewing at 5:45 am? How about an overflow of the pot at 5:45 am. I returned 3 alone for this reason.

Plainly, if you want a quality pot, go with a Bunn that hooks up to your water pipes directly. Thats what Starbucks uses for their customers. Not some dingy, but pretty looking pot that will break.


reviews for this said it’s a piece of crap


there are just some things that you cannot buy that are refurbs. Anything to do with cooking or kitchen/food preparation stuff just does not sound kosher. Sorry woot - Looks great but I like my cuisinart just fine even though it has a hotplate that just scorches my coffee ( sarcasm) - I have had Delonghi in the past and liked it. They typically make high quality components so if you are in the market and feeling lucky/don’t care where the refurb was/ a compulsive gambler/ risk taker - then by all means, go ahead and purchase.




I am going to go to sleep with this mental picture and it is all your fault


Wrong product…wrong website. I did buy 3 of those already though.

Copy and paste dude. :slight_smile:


I can’t help it…I have to say it…

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I watched it probably five times in a row in a hypnotic like state. I hope it’s out of my head by morning.

Uhhh, I don’t know much about coffee. It’s too hot for me, so I drink Dr. Pepper instead. Unless it’s the Oaxcan coffee from Curra’s here in beautiful Austin, Texas. In that case, I drink too much and start to shake.


Here’s a Froogle for the right product.


A response for “links” for the reference to crap: Pay attention what Starbucks will bring in the store concerning types of coffee brewers.

The answer is: None.

Right now, we’re running fire-sales to get rid of brewer stock. IIRC, I believe this (or the Venus) was running 59.99$ retail, new in SBUX. I get a 30% discount. My parents knew this, and I still gave a “you dont want it, at any price”.

They took my advice.


lolz - funny that didn’t cross my mind at first… hmmm


MMMMM!!! A used coffee maker my favorite. I wonder if it comes with the used coffee filters as well?? Pass!!


they had this at at bed bath and…

it looked it like it had some computer in it…’

i was going to get it… but iam glad i waited…wooot woot