DeLonghi 10-Cup Thermal Cafe & Coffee Maker

Should come with coffee

why not a french press?

Vas is tas?

i’ve been longhi for one of these for awhile now…

Few items left? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Eww… coffee. Do people actually like the taste of it or is it just an addiction like cigarettes?

may need this to get through this Woot-off

1 year warranty, not bad

10 cups of coffee! Man, i would be wired all night… an elebrate plan by

It makes cafe?

mmm… refurbished coffee.

What is this returned junk day?

will there be 2-3 of these as well?

mmmm need cofee!! brb gonna get some

if thers more than a few of these im goin to bed. Then you can all thank me when the boc comes immediately after

shouldnt they have sold this before the wootoff? heh

MMmmmm coffee… this makes me want to go grab a really good cup of coffee… XP

All refurbies of the coffee maker come with complimentary backwashed coffee!

who doesn’t have a coffee maker?