Delonghi 11.000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

I need to cool a small home office during the day. What kind of energy consumption/cost to run this unit around 4 hours a day?

Does anyone know how easy this is to install?

Does this have to be vented to the outside? (Is there a vent tube or something of that nature?) Wanted it for a camper, but there is no way to vent it out.

You plug it in, put the hose out your window, turn it on, and get cool.

Pair one of these with a generator and you have a comfortable bedroom post hurricane or any other power outage in the summer.

Yes, you need to vent the hot air out.

Would the vent tube work with a casement window?

Is this a 15 or 20 amp unit?

Depends on how the casement window opens, it is vertical or horizontal window kit that fits most windows.

Portable AC’s are the regular 110V plug on a 15 amp

Just make sure the circuit where you plug it in, the breaker can handle can handle the load. I had to put in a new 20 AMP breaker when I bought the 1400 BTU model. My Older 1100 BTU was fine.

By the looks of the pictures, no, not without getting a plate custom made to cover the window. I don’t know of any AC company that ships with Casement stuff in the box.

My windows open by sliding left and right, not up and down. Will the venting system still work? Thanks!