Delonghi 12.000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Not why a hose is included with a “no drip” system. Any ideas?

The hot air has to vent out somewhere. The hose should be the vent hose which will need to be vented out a window (it also comes with the window venting kit)

Dixibelle is right.
We bought the 12,000 btu unit here on Woot a couple of years ago for our sun room. It does an excellent job keeping it cool and does an ok job heating. We bought it primarily for cooling so the heat is just a bonus. This is an excellent price.
It also will operate as a dehumidifier. We haven’t really tried that function.

Does the window kit work with windows that open horizontally?

Which Delonghi model number is this?

Here you go: PACAN125HPEKC

According to the manual, it’s supposed to. I have not tried it. The manual is online for download.

I’ve got the 12,000 BTU version of this from Costco. It’s a bit noisy, but I was able to sleep through it just fine (better than I was able to sleep in the heat). I used it in a medium-sized master bedroom and it dropped the temp from at least 90º to a comfortable sub-70º in about 30 minutes.

I’d buy this again if I didn’t now live in a house with central air.

Yo! Since when is 70lbs for a portable air conditioner make it portable?

what would be the approximate cost per hour to run this on A/C mode?

Since you can roll it from room to room as needed.

My unit arrived today with one of the wheel castors pushed up into the chassis. The plastic base is broken right at the boundaries of the metal hardware that connects the wheel to the body. It won’t stand on it’s own without each wheel in place. I’m super bummed about the hassle this is going to be.

Sounds like it might have been dropped at some point. :frowning:

If you haven’t done so yet, contact Customer Support for assistance.

The exact same thing happened with me. Hope you get a quick response from customer service. It looks to me like that base plate could be pretty easily replaced.

Exact same thing with me too. Customer service offered me $25 to go find a new wheel myself, which obviously is worthless since the entire base is broken, or return for a refund. Definitely not thrilled; but the fact that that makes 3 of us (at least) shows either they need better packaging, or better quality control (or both).

This site has the base plate for about $25:

I think I might just order that and replace it myself since they offered me a $60 partial refund.

Mine arrived today, without shipping damage, fortunately. It’s huge and heavy, and it seemed to me to be a bit under-packed, resulting in the wheel and base damage other people noted.

I let it sit for 20 hours before trying it. There’s a warning that it must be upright for at least 6 hours (24 recommended) before starting. This is a usual requirement for anything containing refrigerant - if there is froth or gas where the compressor expects liquid to be, the compressor may lock up and burn out.

It works and the price is right. There is one significant disadvantage to this sort of unit that people should know about. It uses indoor air to cool the condenser, and then exhausts it. Thus, it is always pulling warm humid air into your room, and using up some of the cool air to cool itself. So, the effective BTU rating is significantly lower than the rated BTU, because of cool air being robbed to cool the condenser and more warm air constantly being pulled into the room.

A window or permanent air conditioner avoids this issue because it has an outside air intake used to cool the condenser.

There is a drip outlet that should fit hardware-store tubing. The condensation water has to go somewhere, so either connect a hose or expect to empty the drip tray daily.

Unfortunately for me the $25 partial they offered me won’t even cover the part with shipping. Pretty unfair that they offer different users different compensation for the same problem. Maybe I will contact again and see if they’d be willing to up my partial refund to match you.

I was offered $45 to keep it and fix myself. It’s interesting to see how different each offer is.

I saw that part earlier, but I’ll need to take a look at the unit itself to see what replacing this entails. And, I never actually tested the unit yet to see if it actually works.

Until then, I’m not sure what route I’ll go, but I have asked if they’ll at least match the $60 mentioned here.