De'Longhi 4-in-1 Portable AC 500 Sq Ft

De'Longhi 4-in-1 Portable AC 500 Sq Ft

Does this have a condensate removal system?

I believe it does. My dad has this same unit and it works rather well.

  • Cools a room of up to 500 square feet
  • No-drip technology that automatically recycles condensation within the unit, helping to prevent any type of leaks
  • BioSilver Filter helps to block the growth of mold and mildew on the filter to reduce odors.
  • Features a Sensor Touch panel with lighted display, an adjustable thermostat, 3 fan speeds and a 24-hour on/off timer
  • It’s easy to move around to cool only the room you’re in, so you can keep your household thermostat higher and reduce your utility bills

Window units are much better at cooling a room than portable ACs:


Were the BTUs listed determined by ASHRAE or DOE test method?

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I own a similar unit by black & decker, including the heating function. Don’t know about the Delonghi, but one thing I was disappointed in about mine was the need to use the window vent for heating as well as cooling, meaning i can’t just wheel it around and use it wherever i need a heater, regardless of window placement. Just sayin’…

They are also generally a lot quieter.

An image has been added to the photos to explain the BTUs. :slight_smile:

Is the filter cleanable or do you have to buy replacements?

According to page 12 of the linked manual, you can clean the filter. :slight_smile:

Can’t use window units in my bedroom or my living room because of the window design/size so these are still way better than nothing!

Will this work on casement windows?

Take a peek at pg 6 of the linked manual:


For what it’s worth, I bought one of these refurbed 500sqft’rs a couple summers ago. It arrived on a little pallet, UPSIDE DOWN, where the carrier set it in front of my garage door. Nevermind the giant arrows on all sides of the box pointing the other way. Ayway…after turning it right side up and leaving it overnight to settle, I plugged it in and discovered that one of the wheel mounts was broken and basically just retracts into the unit, making it lopsided. You’d think it wouldn’t be a big deal right? Wellll guess what, the fan that does the moisture removal part of the deal, it lives right under there, so if the wheel is pressed in, the fan stops, and the water tray fills up fast, shutting down the unit. NOW, I have learned to prop that corner of the unit up on a block that makes it sit level, and also does not cause the wheel to compress or the fan to stop. So what’s my point? With all that being said, the thing blows COLD air. This is summer number 3 with no issues…knock on wood…I am even considering buying another one.

The product will consume a big electricity. After 5 minutes starts, the unit will start compressor and it will break your electric brakes for 110V/15A. I tried all my 6 electric cycles, it has the same result. That means the Unit can’t be used in my house. Another bad thing when you purchase similar refurbished product, you need to pay the shipping charge for the repair or exchanging with warrant period. this heavy unit will cost around $80.00 to CA from GA. Please avoid buying refurbished product on