De'Longhi 4-in-1 Portable AC 500 Sq Ft

De'Longhi 4-in-1 Portable AC 500 Sq Ft

What is the length of the hose and the btu rating on this?

When are they going to stop selling single hose conditioners? Your taking your inside air and dumping it outside. Double hose units take outside air to cool down the condenser and not your cool inside air


Aha! Been waiting for the “one-hose inefficient” comment that shows up every time a portable air conditioner is offered!

Here’s the problem: Some people need something, anything, to cool a room, can’t put in a window unit and can’t afford or find the unicorn-like two hose models.

Can you provide a source for these two hose beasts so we can see prices, size, weight, etc.?


Well, bioburner1 is correct about single hose conditioners. It is basic physics.

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Why do you need someone else to shop for you. Can’t you do an internet search yourself. You know, like an adult?

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I’ve not had good luck finding them. But the point is the same sorry argument comes up each time and when it’s all you can use, you use it.

Aha! Found them using the term “dual.” A good one costs $700.

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I understand the concept. The point was that not everyone can afford $700 for the “dual” models. And if you cannot use a window unit, what are you to do? Here’s another comment I found:

"In the heat of the day when the outside temperature is high, or when the AC has been running for a while and it’s maintaining the temperature, then single and dual hose are about equal. The dual hose is using warmer air to pump heat into, but you are not drawing in warm air into the room. The single hose is using cooler air to pump heat into, but it is drawing warm air into the room. It’s about equal.

If it’s night and you are just coming home and turning on your AC and the outside temperature is actually less than the inside temperature, then dual-hose have a clear advantage.

In some situations the single hose is much better. For example, I use a single hose in my attic workshop. The rest of the house is cooled by two heat pumps. I leave my attic door cracked just a little so the air that my single-hose AC pulls in is cooler air from the rest of the house that is already very efficiently cooled by my heat pumps. In a case like this, a single-hose AC makes a lot of sense and is actually more efficient.

In most usage cases, there is little difference in efficiency. Cooling ability vs machine size, though, is another question. For a given size of AC unit, you are far better served increasing the coil and compressor size and having a single fan (a single hose unit) than you are taking up compressor and coil space to shoehorn in two separate fans.

If you are clever about placement and air flow, maybe crack a window on the shaded side, open a basement door for a source of cool basement air (the AC unit will dehumidify it), or like me draw air from another, already cooled, part of the house, then a single hose unit is probably your better bet."

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Typical 12,000 to 14,000 btu dual hose portable Air Conditioners, sell for an average of $500.00. I agree with Bioburner1, the two hose models are way more efficient and cool down a room faster. Your not using your indoor cooled air and blowing it outside. This common sense, simple thermodynamics and maintaining room pressure equilibrium.

OK, but everything I have read says the dual hose is much more effective in most situations. Yes, they both take in outside air (in most cases warm air), but the single hose sucks it directly into the cool room by creating a vacuum. The dual hose sucks it straight into the AC unit, then cools it and then blows it into the room, being much more productive in cooling the air. In theory, the air in the room has much less exchange with other outside areas with a dual hose, again making it a better method. I think ‘bioburner1 was correct in pointing this out because many people do not know this, no matter how many times it is posted and read.

I do not think this takes into account your dual heat pump example. That might be another matter that is not taken into consideration in the typical situation when most are trying to decide on what to purchase.

I found the comment by “K.F.” left on 8/5/2019 you quoted in Kara Zorn’s article.

Got mine. A friend was wondering about a portable AC unit to use in his bonus room, and as mines was still in the box in my car I offered it to him to test.

He said it works great, but that there is some damage to the top of the unit - based on the picture he sent the damage looks cosmetic. There is also a brown mark that looks like it could be from a cigarette - I’ll do the ol’ smell test to see if it reeks of tobacco - but my friend didn’t mention any odor so I think it is fine.

tl;dr - Hey - a refurbed unit has cosmetic damage but works fine. Call me shocked. :wink:

I’ve had the single hose model and I liked it. However, I can’t imagine where the hell the 2nd hose would go because the hot air coming out of the 1 hose (pointing outside) is hot af and the last thing I’d want is to suck it back in! That would also really limit the positioning of the unit, since sometimes it’s difficult to get the unit and 1 hose positioned right if the outlet is far away or the window is in a weird position (had both happen at same time). 2 hoses really would be a unicorn!