De'Longhi 4-in-1 Portable AC 700 Sq Ft

De'Longhi 4-in-1 Portable AC 700 Sq Ft

My understanding from my one HVAC buddy is that single hose portable Ac units are an absolute scam and shouldn’t be allowed to be sold. Something about the exhaust dragging hot air back into the room forcing the unit to work so hard that the cooling is negligible, at best.

Curious to see other opinions though.

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I have used one in my upstairs bedroom for over 10 years. It may not be the most efficient but they work! My bedroom is set at 64deg. No problem. If its 100 outside 64 is not an option but 68-69 degrees is much better than the alternative.

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Correct, these are horribly inefficient compared to window or central ACs. with these portable units, you are essentially expelling cooled air out the window, which sucks in warm air through other cracks/windows/doors in your home. Seems quite pointless.

My parents use this and it cools down their house pretty good. I was impressed. So much I might buy one.

Single hose are not so much scam as they are inefficient, unhealthy and depending on location, humidity outside, etc can cause severe mold, mildew and a host of other issues because of the need to pull outside air in through any opening in the house, vents, exhaust fans etc.

We suffered a huge mold issue that was attributed to such a unit. Requiring mitigation, repair and replacement.

Once rid of the unit, we never had a problem.

If you have to go portable route, go with dual hose units

Unfortunately, for those of us in apartments that don’t allow window units, these are our only option

Compressor is way too loud; not sure if it is a one off issue with the unit we received (a refurbished unit BTW) or a common issue. Regardless, we needed to send back as the decibel level (78) was too loud to live with. That’s louder than a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer.

Ugh. Very sorry about that. Reach out to Woot Customer Service. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.


As a refurbished unit, I fully expected the unit to arrive missing important components. But I thought it would be simple enough to call the company and buy what would be needed. The box arrived missing the connector pieces for the air exhaust hose as well as the drainage tube. Rather curiously, it is being held together by packing tape; this isn’t leftover tape from packaging - if I remove this tape the unit’s case will fall apart.

Called 3 different numbers, walked through multiple phone trees on each, and there is no way to reach a human at DeLonghi. But I did leave a message on their Human Resources number - the only place available to leave a message!

If you purchase do not expect to be able to purchase the missing components - you’re gonna have to make them yourself. Good thing I don’t have plans for the weekend!

I also did not receive the adapters for each end of the air exhaust hose. I ordered a replacement hose (tube) that has the attachments connected to it through the DeLonghi parts supplier Encompass (part 5515110671) for $27.16 + shipping $8.95. It won’t be sent out until 6/15. I bought the unit for our mountain cabin and it only is needed occasionally, mostly in July and August. We have a smaller unit (less btu’s) but have an A-frame with 27’ ceiling at the apex so we needed this bigger unit.

Where did you get the parts for your unit?

Hi there. If you’re having troubles or having to order missing parts, please make sure you let Woot! Customer Service know.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

I did contact WOOT support and all they can do is provide me a RMA to return as they can’t get an exchange unit or parts for my unit. Repacking this 80lb beast, carrying it back down a flight of stairs and taking it to UPS is not worth the hassel. I’m opting to shell out $35 for the necessary part but shame on WOOT for sending out incomplete units and based on the previous comment I’m not the only one.

My AC unit arrived on 27 May (ordered on 20 May), so today is within the 30 day WOOT! warranty period, assuming we’re taking the date received and not the date ordered…As it wasn’t yet AC weather when it arrived last May, today is the first time I’ve unpacked and hooked it up. I find that the Remote Control is completely inoperable (yes I changed and verified good batteries). I also now see that, since I had to find and download the manual (NOT included in the box), I am missing parts (B6-Hose with cap; B8-End of Season cover; B9-End of Season Accessory Bag). These don’t seem critical, but it would have been nice to get everything that is supposed to come with it.
Contacted Woot! via online form today to see if they’re going to fix or replace my remote.