De'Longhi 4-in-1 Wi-Fi AC, 700 Sq Ft

De'Longhi 4-in-1 Wi-Fi AC, 700 Sq Ft

How many BTUs? This is a stat that should be included in any air conditioning/heating device you sell. To not have that stat available to see is like buying an apartment but not knowing how big the space is.


Maximum cooling capacity: 8700 BTUs (DOE) / 14000 BTUS (ASHRAE)

I found this very similar model (PACEL276HGRFK) at the source:

That says: 7200BTU

Maybe the university of texas could use this for the football stadium’s visitor locker room.

Could you clarify which model are you actually selling? The description says “PAC EL276HGRFK De’Longhi Pinguino Smart”, but in the spec, it lists “PACEL295HLWFKC-1A”. Also description states that this is 4-1 in unti, but it does not mention that unit heats in addition to cooling. The description on Amazon for EL276HGRFK states that unit does both heat and cool (+ dehumidify, fan). Please could you clarify details?

Noticed the same too. They seem to have updated the description now, but I can’t find specs on heat to confirm. I assume 4 in 1 means including that.

Hi there. Vendor confirmed that it heats as well.

anyone know what this product retails at new? thanks