DeLonghi 700sqft Portable Heater + AC

DeLonghi 700sqft Portable Heater + AC


I highly doubt that 8700 btu unit can cool 700 square feet. Maybe up to 250 max under ideal conditions

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Bloburner i think the 8700 is for the heat? And the 14000 btu is for cooling?


It is possible as they are the newer inverter compressor technology , also using the DeLonghi Exhaust hose insulated cover can easily approach that efficiency and cooling of that size room

Do not Buy the Junk on Amazon pretending to be and using the photo of the genuine hose at deLonghi.


How do I know if this is returnable or not or what is the return policy

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“Converting BTU ASHRAE To BTU DOE”

To be clear since that graphic does not explicitly say it - the entire reason for this Department of Energy neutering manufacturer BTU ratings of single hose roller AC models?

Single hose roller AC units are that much less efficient (“25 -40%”) with your precious electricity bill.

Not only are the hot machine bits located completely inside your room, leaking a lot of that heat right back into your room… but that single hose is exhausting the rest of the hot air it is extracting from your room out the window… but your room is not a vacuum environment, so unconditioned, hot humid outside “makeup” air must also leak back into your home somewhere to replace that exhaust air. Some of it likely right around the hose fitting at the window.

For this reason, you will never find a single hose roller AC unit with the DOE “Energy Star” rating.

The great news?

  1. More efficient, dual hose roller AC units are finally becoming far more commonly available. The hot machine parts still remain inside your room, but at least these models now have a second hose dedicated to providing make-up outside air directly to the hot condenser coils, in a loop back to the outside. ‘Noticed even Costco now sells them, so they’ll likely start showing up as “buyers remorse” return refurb units just like this one.

  2. For folks who resist the more efficient window AC units either due to them blocking daylight or noise, at least two brands now sell “U” shaped units that allow the window to be closed thru the unit down to about 3 inches. This more completely isolates the hot and noisy bits of the machine outside. One of those brands even sells an upside down “U” model, adjustable to different wall thicknesses. So the only about 3-4 inches of the window is blocked. And I’m guessing this upside down model might even allow the window to be opened in mild weather. Very clever.

  3. Finally, the ideal solution from an efficiency and quiet perspective, Mini-splits seem to be getting cheaper and cheaper to the point where they have similar prices to these alternatives. If you’re handy and not a renter, these are available in 115 volts versions and experienced DYI’r installable.


Hi there, below is a link to Woot’s return policy.

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My dad has one it works great.

Just to be clear, some of us are interested in these types of units because of available window size.

But thank you for the info, a two hose setup seems the way to go.

He has this refurbished one, or a new one?