DeLonghi Air Conditioner 10,000 BTU

And haul the exhaust tube and window attachment from room to room? This description is very misleading.

I’m ignorant. Do you absolutely need to attach it to a window or what?

Well pretty much. Its what exhausts the hot air. If you did not exhaust it outside then you would be putting the hot air right back in the room you are trying to cool, defeating the purpose of having the AC in the first place.

I hope you guys aren’t thinking the exhaust tube is some huge heavy cumbersome piece or anything. Its light and usually attaches and comes off the unit very easily. Then you wheel the AC to the room you want it in at that time and hook the exhaust tube back up. No biggie. Regular window units exhaust hot air as well, its just already hanging out of the window.

Is this a good air conditioner and worth it at this price?

What is the hourly max wattage this unit uses?

10,000 BTUs per hour corresponds to 2,930 watts

Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately my apt has vertical windows.

So does my house. I got an adapter on Amazon to make the vent blocker thingie stretch a little taller and it works well.

Nice! Can you link to your adapter if you like it?

Per the vendor: 1150W.