DeLonghi Air Conditioner 12,500 BTU

We purchased this unit a year ago on Woot for $259.00 and have been very pleased. We use it in our sunroom. It does an excellent job cooling the room and is reasonably quiet. We have not used the heating function too much but it also seems to work well.

Question: This acts as a dehumidifier as well. So, where does the water go? Is it pumped to the outside? Or, does it go to a reservoir needing continual emptying?

If designed and working properly, the water is gathered in an interior pan and the hot exhaust blows over it, sending it outside.

I had one a couple of years ago that did not work well. I put it on a sturdy table and used a bit of hose to drain it into a bucket via a pipe meant to be used to to drain it at the end of the season.

We got ours last year in early August. Only had to empty it once. We use it pretty often but we don’t run it continually. We are in NC.