DeLonghi Air Conditioner 14,000 BTU

Reconditioned units only have 90 day warranty. New units have 1 full year.

Yes, but this unit costs $800 new over at home depot…

Problem: model number in headline is different than model number in description. PAC-AN140HPEWC is heat pump equipped, PAC-AN140EKF-X is not.
woot please clarify.

I have purchased a couple of the 12.5 refurbished units and they work fine. I do need to note the on my last one it was obiously used.

The main window sash was trimmed so it was slightly shorter than a brand new one (I measured them both) and the rubber tube at the back for condensation dripping was missing.

I called DeLonghi a few times about getting replacement parts: 1) 2 minutes-eternal elevator music 2) 15 minutes-was “accidently” disconnected with no call back even when I gave my phone nbr 3) 15 minutes-it took a long time for the agent to understand what these parts were and they ask for the model#, a copy of the original receipt and where it was purchased. They would review these before sending the parts (no commitment made about no charge). Replacement parts cost was minimal so I just purchased them from their site myself…

Again, my refurbished units function fine and these parts did not hinder the immediate use.

I bought a very similar refurbed unit from Woot last July (for $299). It was delivered literally upside down, which as you can imagine, is bad for things like this, so I had to let it rest for a day after turning right side up. One of the castors’ mounting points was partially broken, making the unit lean onto that side, which in turn effected the evaporation fan’s operation. I didn’t figure this out until after dumping the pan 4 times within a few hours. The only way I could get the fan to spin without any resistance from the broken casing was to rest that corner on a block of wood. It works. The other issue with this is the hose is extremely leaky, so a good dose of duct/gaffer tape is needed. BUT, all that being said, it cools my entire living area of my small ranch house, so for $299 it was well worth it.

Does this model include a heat pump? The differeing model numbers in the title vs the description have me a little wary. Please clarify!

I’m not real familiar with portable air conditioners. Do these have a water tank that needs to be dumped periodically similar to a portable dehumidifier

Correct model number is PACAN140EKF-X - sorry about that!

Hey guys, it looks like we had a typo in the model number and the wrong photo uploaded for this offer. Sorry about that! The correct model number is PACAN140EKF-X. We’ve fixed both of these issues and will be contacting customers who already ordered the item.

Do these have one or two hoses?