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The Features tab says that the window kit supports upto 38" and the Specs tab says that this supports upto 47"/72" depending on the model. What size window does the PACRAN125HPEKC model support? Can this window kit be used for sliding windows as opposed to hung windows?

Yes, the panel can be put in a vertical position to fit slider windows. If your window is taller, you can purchase additional window extension kits on ebay, or jerryrig something to fit above the lower panel with the hole.

How loud is this setup? Vs a window unit?

Description states condensate doesn’t need to be drained. It’s only true if it’s left off. Had to buy a condensate pump to keep mine running and I’m in MI. Customer support didn’t offer any help other than stating it needs to be drained while running.

I would like to know about power consumption for 12,500 BTU unit. Thank you

Vendor confirms sliding windows are compatible.

Thanks! Did they also say what size windows does the window kit fit? Does it fit an opening of 47"x23"

Having the same issue…only lasts about 15 minutes before I have to drain the unit. Can you share you setup for the condensate pump? Might save me from having to return the system.

Bought Little Giant VCC-20ULS on Amazon. Raised AC unit about 4 inches by placing it on a wooded crate then connected hose from drain port to pump drain opening. Pump’s out hose went out the window. So far so good but it’s day 1.

Vendor says: The window kit is 4 inches wide and 38 inches long.

Weird, I live in MI and bought the pump as comments suggested but haven’t needed it once. Ran it for about 4 hours and not a drop. I did let it sit upright awhile before running and didn’t put it in dehumidify mode (waterdrop symbol) also taped the exhaust pipe to have a better seal as it was leaking hot air. Check that it’s not in dehumid mode. Mine works great.

Will this work on a standard 120V outlet?

Yes, they use a standard wall plug.