DeLonghi Air Conditioners (Your Choice)

How is the hot air expelled? Do all of these require a hose to be ran outside?

“Low-Maintenance Operation - The air conditioner automatically recirculates condensation, which prevents dripping water and the need to periodically empty a bucket.” So you take the humidity out of the air and then put it back in?

I bought the 14K BTU model. I have yet to figure out how to get the unit to expel all the humidity out the vent. When first set it up it would run and then get a DL or DH error and shut off which meant the internal drain is full. Draining it is not easy. I have the unit sitting up 2 feet off the floor so the drain plug in the back can be left off so the water can drain in a bucket. Maybe I am missing something but this is not the way these units should work. I have purchased to LG units from woot in the past that expel all the humidity out the vent and they work great. I would look around on the internet to see if this is a flaw in the DeLonghi models.

All of these units come with a window kit including adjustable window bracket (up to 38") and window hose.

These are meant for temperate areas without high humidity. If you live in FL. it will be a losing battle. My neighbor loaned me a similar machine when my AC broke down but it couldn’t keep up with the gallons of water it needed to discharge. It did cool down an average sized room in a reasonable amount of time but then it kept shutting off.

I purchased the 14k btu model as well from Woot a few weeks ago. I finally tested it on an 80 degree day here in Seattle (dry heat) and it really didn’t work much better than a window fan. When you go in the bedroom an hour after turning on and have to question whether it’s any cooler or not, that’s a problem.

I’m going to test it out on a couple warm days we have coming up but I’m thinking I’ll be returning this to Woot soon. Very disappointed.

Boston: I’ve had a 10KBTU delonghi unit in my sunroom/office for six years, works great. My central AC died this summer and instead of paying $14K to replace it I bought a 13.5kBTU DeLonghi (slightly different model that the one sold here) and between the two of them they do OK, not quite as cool as with central AC, but acceptable and a LOT cheaper.
NOTES: portables are more expensive and less efficient than window ACs (ie less cooling for equivalent BTU rating and uses more energy), but much more convenient for my uses. And yes, the moisture is pumped out through the hose. Works well as a dehumidifier.

I purchased the 12k unit 3 or so weeks ago from here. The central AC in my home doesn’t cool the 2nd floor very well and this helped to keep my bedroom very cool. I have not yet had to empty any water from the unit.

Found the 12,500 model on newegg for 229.99 refurbished.

Edit: Didn’t look hard enough. $50 shipping!

I had the same issue with the 14000 unit. The water tray would fill up about every two hours, shutting down the machine. I called DeLonghi, their customer support was horrible, the rep stated that this is how the machine is designed, and its normal operation. I told her that the manual and product description states that it should only need to be drained “seasonally”. She simply said, the manual is wrong, and sarcastically said “what would you like me to do about it sir”. The machine was returned to Woot.

I got the 12.5k unit here from 3 weeks ago. Cools okay, but window units would be more cooling efficient. I don’t like portable AC’s noise, while cooling it sounds like constant 50-60 db regardless of quiet fan mode. You may need to reinforce the exhaust system’s seal. I felt hot air leaks, and temporarily taped around it.

Put it up a on small sturdy table, connect a bit of hose to the outlet and drain into a bucket.

Or put it up a on small sturdy table, connect a bit of hose to the outlet and drain into a bucket.

Under ideal condition the heated air is expelled outside and send the moisture with it. In extreme conditions, you put it up a on small sturdy table, connect a bit of hose to the outlet and drain into a bucket.

Or complain about it, return it, and sweat.

This is cheaper on newegg

I bought the 12,500 BTU model. It is not quiet whatsoever. When you first turn it on it seems whisper quiet like they advertise, but after a few minutes the compressor kicks on and it’s like a 747 taking off in your room. As others have said hot air does indeed leak from the hose connection, but I don’t think it’s a big enough issue to warrant taping it. This is my first portable AC unit but the cooling rate seems pretty bad. I previously had a 6,000 BTU window mounted unit from Sharp that cooled the room at a much quicker rate. I would return this in a heartbeat if it wasn’t such a hassle. Do not recommend.

These units work much better if the duct is insulated, to prevent re-radiation of heat back into the room. I replaced the duct with this, from Home Depot: 5 in. x 25 ft. Insulated Flexible Duct R6 Silver Jacket (Model # F6IFD5X300).

I saw the 12.5 version today at Costco and the box said it had a heat pump. We want one for our sunroom and a heat option would be great. Can someone who has one of these confirm if it heats too?

Yes, eddard. I have the 12.5k unit and it does in fact have a heat pump setting. I have not been brave enough to test that function this summer though!