DeLonghi Multi-Position Ceramic Heater

“which means you’ll never come home to a cold room and need some sleevy monstrosity to cover yourself up.”

c’mon woot! don’t deny THE SNUGGIE!!

Not enough BTU’s!

im sure i could use one of these on a HOT Texas Summer night

Come on now… let’s get the bag 'o crap out early… :slight_smile:

I live in Seattle. can this heat my deck when its drizzling?

In for none…

Why’d you have to make me HUNGRYYY?!?!

amazon has a much better price

Or you could get one of these for your hands

no thanks, my computer keeps me plenty warm

I’m so tempted… must resist.

wtf would i need a Multi-Position Ceramic Heatern 4

to get a HOOOOT summer~~~

C’mon Alaska…buy buy buy

bought 1 last year off WOOT! for $39.99…works excellent.

c’mon Alaska, buy more!

man if I could have gotten this just a few months ago!!

The knob on my console in my car wont turn to the heat side this winter all of a sudden and I drove around freezing everywhere!!

in for one for next winter

Sheesh. On Amazon for $32.50 and free shipping.

i have a lasko ceramic heater which is equivalent to this and it works great, get this while it lasts…right before summer.

I would like to know the dimensions…