DeLonghi PACRN135EC Portable 13,500 BTU

QUESTION: All of these items seem to need a permanent installation of the window bracket. Do any of these have a “drop in” window bracket that can be lifted out when you’re done using the unit?

Have an eye on the “portable” unit but don’t want to start having to install a bracket if I’m only going to use it a few times a year.


You don’t need to permanently mount the bracket, just drop it in the window, adjust it to fit, then close the window down onto it to hold it in place. If you are worried about security, you could then put a couple screws in to hold it in place.

I have a DeLonghi portable 12,000 BTU, not this exact model. Works well enough but portables are never quite as efficient as windows because the hose inevitably leaks a lot of heat back into the room (simple fix that helps a ton is to wrap the hose in a blanket or towel for extra insulation). I do like the DeLonghi more than my LG because it’s a fully evaporative unit, so no condensation tank to empty constantly. I believe all DeLonghi units are fully evaporative.

These are great if you’re like me and your windows are too small for a window unit. Beyond that you’re better off with a window unit for less money.