DeLonghi WiFi Air Conditioner 14,000 BTU

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Seeing as both Wootstaff and us Wooters are full of hot air … this A/C unit is a must buy to cool the rhetoric.

Does this work with casement windows that crank open sideways?

Yes, as long as the window height is 38" or less. The window bracket goes horizontal or vertical.
“Window kit including adjustable window bracket (up to 38”) and window hose"
Better yet,contact customer service at

According to the warranty terms if this thing breaks your paying for one way shipping. Which on a portable air conditioner could be extensive.

Maybe you will have better luck than I did. Last year Woot had the reconditioned Model 14,000 BTU - PACAN140HPEWKC. Mine came with a broken base & wheel. Rattled loudly when running the unit water drain line had rust in it and unit smelled like tobacco. They did send another unit that was ok but lots of scratches. I use it in my garage and its really not enough to cool/heat it down should be a 24,000.

Buyer beware on this one, I received a non working unit and went round and round with Delonghi which basically ended up telling me to pound salt. I will give Woot credit though, they handled the return and credit like a champ. Full refund, they picked up the return shipping and processed everything very quickly. A real PITA to pack and ship though. Woot cooled my temper much better than Delonghi cooled the air. I promised Delonghi I would pass along my experience with their piss poor customer service, so you’ve been warned. Try the Keystone AC from Walmart. Works Great.

These companies buy these from 2 or 3 Chinese makers on the cheap and slap their name on them. The have no service departments. It’s the American way!

Where’s woot kids???

Bought the LG WiFi unit from the last go round and it NEVER worked. Emailed woot and was given a return label. Replied that I would actually like to have the product repaired instead and was pointed to the the ‘Warranty’ company KMS - GARBAGE - they flat out refused to do any repairs on the unit. Contacted Amazon and was eventually refunded my purchase price. I say all that to say buyer beware - you may not actually have a warranty on these units.

It’s the way it has been for imported appliance for years. The only ones who have parts are in China.

How can l buy this ac portable with WiFi

Hi there. This was a sale from 2017. You can watch our sales to see if there’s a different AC unit you might like. It’s kinda the off season now though.