DeLonghi WiFi Air Conditioner 14,000 BTU

Does this require 2 exhaust vents or 1?

Just returned the one I bought last year, it stopped working after about 3 weeks total use over 11 months, and the closest factory repair was 900 miles away. My local repair guy said he could get a part but they have a reputation for breaking easily and recommended I return it and don’t buy that kind.

I have confirmed that this requires only one vent.

Here we go again about the better efficiency of two vents. Meanwhile, most stores don’t sell them.

Keep in mind repair people only see the bad ones! However, this is the business model for such imports in the 21st Century.

A: Ignore wild fluctuations in quality control at the factory.

B: Have no meaningful service department or parts or knowledge about the working of the appliance.

C: Make it difficult, expensive or impossible to return the unit.

D: Gather up all the returned defective ones that do make it back and sell them to a third-party refurbisher who has even less after-sale follow up.

Bottom line: If you get a good one, great (we have two good ones from Woot). If you get a clunker, pound sand.

Consider using a credit card that may go to bat for you.

No good don’t buy After I got it realize it was broken I also realize that myl ocal Costco priced it at 350