Delphi RoadyXT XM Satellite Radio Receiver w/Car Kit, Free Activation and 3 Months of XM



Why do I always wait until the last possible minute to do my work? It’s gonna be a long night!

Froogle Link Minimum Price $40.00

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $48.95

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $39.99

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Delphi RoadyXT XM Satellite Radio Receiver w/Car Kit, Free Activation & 3 Months of XM
$59.99 + $5 shipping (- $20 mail-in rebate available)
condition: New
1 Delphi RoadyXT – XM Satellite Radio Receiver and Car Kit - SA10175
1 XM Radio Activation ($10 value)
1 XM Radio - 3 Months Free ($39 value)


Good deal to try XM for a few months. Cool Simpsons reference!!


No Howard Stern, I think I will pass.


hmmmm… no Howard Stern and junky music streams… I’m out.


Boo… I’ve tried them both and Sirius is vastly superior. Not only do they have the NFL, NASCAR, and NBA games, but Howard, Bubba, and all the other great channels.

If you’re a music only kinda person, yea XM, Sirius, same difference. But if you’re looking for overall package value… your $13 is better spent elsewhere.


intersting… i would love one of these… but i don’t know… any advice?.. well… here’s useful links part3… enjoy that.

BizRate’s Prices… $19 and up…

Shopzilla’s Prices… $19 and up…

MSN Shopping’s Prices… $40 and up…’s Prices… $80 and up…

7.1 rating by CNET experts… which is pretty good…

… so go ahead and get that… if you want it… but remember… shopzilla’s list has better prices… though possibly incorrect… check it out to be sure.


isn’t hd radio better?


XM? who needs XM when you can get AM!

talk radio WOOT


meh…good deal I guess, but I’ll stick with Sirius. Howard Stern is awesome, and the music selection is great too


Gah! I just brought mine two weeks ago… could’ve used this. This thing’s awesome though! Always a good song somewhere!


Kim Jong Il’s Nuclear ambitions will not stop me from getting a good deal on satellite radio.


Should be noted that although you get 3 months of free service, you must have your account for AT LEAST 6 months of service, if you want to be eligible for that mail in rebate.


If this was a INNO I’d buy it in a minute. But I already have a MyFI and a Roadie.

Good WooT. When you guys get your XM’s check out Opie and Anthony XM202 they rock


Awesome Simspons reference…!



Sirius=NFL+Howard+Nascar+Better Music+etc…


Has anyone used a rebate through woot? I would like to hear if they actual accept a woot purchase for a rebate. If they did accept what did you send them?


How small is small?

Measures 3.7 by 2.2 by 0.61 inches (WxHxD)


XM Satellite is a joke. Save your money and get SIRIUS !!!