Delphi Skyfi2 XM Receiver with Boombox and Car Kit



pricing for future reference

1 Delphi Skyfi2 XM Receiver SA10101
1 Delphi XM Skyfi Boombox SA10001
1 Delphi XM Skyfi2 Vehicle Adaptor Kit SA10102
condition: Refurbished

$29.99 + $5 shipping


This looks like an awesome price. Almost worth getting XM.


great woot for hump day slash Halloween… don’t you agree?.. and here’s useful linkage w/ CSE links… they’re usually reasonably useful…


This is a great price. The boombox is worth this alone. Tempting, tempting!


oh only this was for Sirius I would get it asap!


Got me one for some Opie and Anthony.


I had a SkyFi2 a couple of years ago. It was a great radio. I believe this has the strong FM modulator built in in the home and car dock. I highly recommend it.


You can’t be Sirius…


My mother-in-law has one of these. The antenna can be a bit temperamental but if you can find a good spot with a clear shot of the sky, this is a solid woot.


damn it. Wooted for 1. Damn you woot and your great deals! I <3 XM. 6.99 a month for me (3rd radio).


Do you have to get a subscription or something to use XM?


Bought this months ago off woot for like 75. It’s totally worth it. Best purchase I’ve made in a long time. In fact I’ve got the boombox on right now listening to XM :).


Is this compatable with the XM inno 2?



Wow, this is an amazing price, even for refurbs!

The boom box alone cost over $100 in walmart (cheapest place I could find it)

The car kit and receiver went for over $150 (and then take away $30 on a rebate, so around $120)

This is a hell of a deal, and that boombox is awesome.

I use it in my UPS truck. 75mph with both doors open, and you can still hear it over the diesel/gas motors in those things.

Good deal, and a steal!



I listen to this (the original SkyFi though, same boombox) every day at work. The unit itself sounds way better than you’d expect. Note that it doesn’t have an aux input so it will ONLY play stuff from the XM SkyFi2 (or the original SkyFi).

Great price though.


how do you mount the external antenna? run wire through a window?


yes. 12.95 a month.




Had to get mine.Nice deal.