Delphi XM Radio Roady XT with Car Kit

… and now a word from our friends at froogle!

what is with all these wires and antennas. jeez.

can i get this and listen to some promo stations without subscription?

In for one. At this price this will be great to put in my gift closet for birthdays that are coming up!

Oh, and I do have XM radio in my husband’s car and we love it. We listened to comedy stations all the way down to Orlando, never lost signal!

don’t you have to subscribe for satellite radio?

i have this, not from woot, but i got it in my car and its a great little xm receiver. cool options, awesome price. if u currently have XM service i definitely recommend this. really good bang for the buck

pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Delphi SA10175 XM Radio Roady XT with Car Kit
condition: Refurbished

$14.99 + $5 shipping


These sell on eBay from $8 - $15 all the time used/refurbs.

Yeah, great price. I was listening to mine not 3 minutes ago in the car. I also got the home docking kit at a local Fred Meyer store for dirt cheap, so now I have a radio that hops from home to car. Plus, since having an XM account allows you to listen online, you never have to be far from the news and music. (Hey, Pandora doesn’t have news!)

Don’t futz with the FM antenna clip, however - just use the cassette adapter or a line-in (if you have that). FM transmitting blows goats.

Yes! But the shipping on the Fleabay items is $15…much better deal here and no “open box” Go WOOT!

In for one. Time for a shakeup and put a more car friendly radio (this one) into a car. Go figure.

By the way, if you want to use this at home, I recommend getting this boombox:

I have it and love it.

Nein. XM usually offers free channels at the end of the year to convince people to subscribe or resub. Although I don’t have a deactivated radio near me to try out, I’m pretty sure there are none for free right now, except for the preview channels.

In for one. My first woot too! I was actually mulling over purchasing a kit to wire into my car, which i still may do, but with this ill have a spare for the house or the office. overall, twenty bucks not a bad deal.

I have this receiver and love it. I use it along with the Home Dock Cradle, which is hooked to a signal selector with a line out, which I feed into my PC’s sound card, which feeds it into my 5.1 speaker system.

Note that I have found that extensive use of this unit will make it a bit warm, but not so hot that it’ll burn you when you touch it. Still, I have it on pretty much 24/7/365 as my main source of music and it’s never failed me once.

BTW, for all you ebayers, this is a non-sureconnect radio, which means you’ll probably be able to make more money… if that’s your thing.

XM is offering a $20 rebate if purchased from an authorized dealer. Wonder if wooooooooooooooot is one? Check it out:

I unfortunately have enough XM receivers right now, otherwise I’d be all over this.

If we don’t have XM, do you suggest we subscribe AND get this, or do you wish you had went with Sirius?

I’m always interested in that debate.