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Any idea what kind of light bulb this takes? Could I replace it with something more efficient (like an LED bulb)?


Product Page for the one w/ a light in it.

Two perfect reviews over at

It has a 26W CFL with a GU24 base. It could in theory be replaced with an LED, but make sure it has the GU24 base. Though I’m not sure you’ll see much (if any) savings from CFL->LED.

CFL -> LED tends to only use ~70% the power. This equates to being able to use a ~45% brighter light bulb in there and keeping within pre-defined power tolerances.

So it depends on what you’re going for - not going to save you thousands of dollars, that’s for sure.

BTW, thanks! Didn’t see where the base was defined. :slight_smile:

In case anybody else cares, found this in the spec document:

“UL and cUL listed for tub/shower enclosure when used with GFCI branch circuit wiring.”

Is this strong enough to make a difference in humidity ? Just starting to research these things. The one I have now makes a lot of noise and does nothing else.

Crap, just ordered this to be sent to the wrong address. @Woot: Can I get the address changed or should I cancel and re-order? I want it to go to the address I’ve updated on my account now instead of the one previously selected.


EDIT: Nevermind, can’t cancel my order anymore… :frowning:

.8 sones! Wow, that’s whisper quiet! SBDs are louder…

I mean, is this good? I have no idea. $50 is a lot better than the one’s we were looking at before, but we were over estimating our CFM needs. I mean… it’s a good deal on THIS one, but can we get a different one for cheaper, and will we be happy with that other one?

Ultimately, I need a bathroom vent, and this one is a good size. Should I buy this?

By The Way…
Calculating CFM:

This method works on the assumption that the goal for bathroom ventilation is 8 complete air changes per hour. Take your square footage x ceiling height to get the total cubic feet to be ventilated.

Example: Bathroom measures 10 feet wide and 12 feet long. It has 8 foot ceilings. So 10 x 12 x 8 = 960 cubic feet.

We take the cubic feet and divide by 60 - which is the number of minutes in an hour. We take the result and multiply by 8 (remember, our target is 8 complete air changes each hour). The complete equation is as follows:

10 ft X 12 ft X 8 ft = 960 cubic feet.

960 divided by 60 = 16.

16 x 8 = 128

So - we need 128 CFM of air movement to properly ventilate this bathroom. Assuming there is not and excessively long or twisting duct run to the outside - we would select a fan that moves somewhere around 130 CFM or higher.


It makes difference if the bathroom you have has the size that meets the CFM of this fan. You can calculate how much CFM will be enough for your bathroom here:

Bathroom fans are useful if your bathroom does not have windows or keep the windows shut during the winter. It keeps the humidity in check after shower so the molds won’t grow.

low sones fan (low noise) is preferred if your bedroom is right next to the bathroom.

Personally, low sones is imperative. I just moved into a house that has two fans in two bathrooms, and the fans are incredibly loud. Hearing protection required loud. I’m looking for a low sone fan to put there.

I also add timers to the fan circuit, so that you can turn the fan on for 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc. This means you don’t have to remember to turn the fan off.

I was initially excited about these fans, but 0.8 sones is “loud” relative to my current favorite fans, Panasonic, which have a sones rating of 0.3. This means these fans are almost three times as loud as the Panasonics. I installed Panasonic fans in my former house, and you couldn’t hear them if you went 10 feet away from the room or if you had water running. After that, I can no longer handle loud fans, and 0.8 sones might be too loud for me.

Also, you should be aware that you have to duct these fans to the outside. In order to meet the 80 CFM on the label, you’re only allowed a certain length of ducting and a certain number of turns in the ducting. Furthermore, you should use smooth ducting and not the expandable style, as the expandable style causes too much turbulence.

Yet another thing to consider if you’re installing a bathroom fan.

Can I use this to BLOW AIR into a space. The reverse of how it was designed???

0.3 Panasonic 60 cfm FV05VQ2 Fan
0.5 30 Phons
0.5 Rustling Leaves
1.0 40 Phons
1.0 A Quiet Refrigerator
1.5 Panasonic 100 cfm FV11VQ2 Fan
2.0 50 Phons
2.0 Quiet Home
3.0 Panasonic 380 cfm FV40VQ3 Fan
3.0 Normal Office
4.0 60 Phons
4.0 Normal Television Volume