Delta Breez Bathroom Fans - Your Choice

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Delta Breez Bathroom Fans - Your Choice
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Let’s learn all about Delta Breez

Would love to know how noisy these are. Looking for a high CFM / low decibel fan.

We have the 80 cfm 0.3 decibel from costco. You cannot hear it unless there is pin drop silence. They dont have that model here but the 50 cfm is 0.3 decibel

I brought that one too I believe, its automatic right? I did not install it yet but at Costco you could not tell if it was on.

Is this something I could self-install, or would I need to get an electrician or other pro in? My bathroom fans are incredibly loud, and I’d love to fix that.

The fan in the hall bathroom only rattles… and there isn’t one in the Master bathroom. When I take a shower with the door open the smoke detector in the bedroom chirps… Problem is I’d have to change the vent in the hall is a pipe and fan is in it… House is old and weird… No wiring in the MB for one.

Yeah, it detects humidity to be above 50% (approximately) and turns on. You can force it to turn on or turn it off as well. We cannot tell if its on. But it works really well

With new bath fan automatically sensing & removing humidity & moisture how effective is it, really? Thanks~

The spec doesn’t list if this unit is rated for insulation contact (IC) for use in an attic or crawl space. I would assume it does since this is a green product.

Does anyone know if this is rated for insulation contact?

Honestly this is something you could self install. If you know how to use a screwdriver, you’re basically hooking this up in the same manner you disconnect the old one. Chances are the wires will match up. Just remove the grill on your old one first and measure the ceiling opening. There are various sizes on the market and you want to make sure you get one that is the same size as you have now.

My thing is, I’m seeing plenty of bathroom fans on Lowes and for less money. Unless this is some super-premium brand, I don’t see how this is possibly a deal. Plenty of 50CFM bathroom fans for under $30 out there…


Be careful with the Home depot 50 cfm under $30.00 fans. They are quite noisy.


I can’t directly speak for these fans but most fans like this can be ic. It is when they have a light and heater also that generally they are non ic.


Just pulled this from the Delta breez site.

Can the Delta Breez Fan/ Fan Light be installed with insulation around it?

Yes. All Delta Breez fans are UL approved. Here is UL’s testing protocol:

For Fan/lights, UL requires 8.5 inches of insulation on all sides (including top) of the product. Insulation shall be of the loose fill type and should have a thermal resistance per inch between 3.75-3.85 R (declared by the manufacturer) when conditioned to a density of 32.04 - 40.05 kg/m3. This scenario is equivalent to an approximate R value of R32. R40 is the max for Canadian installations.

For a fan only, there is NO insulation limitation for fan without lighting except in Canada where the max value is R40.

I installed a Panasonic WhisperQuiet in my MB eight years ago, and it is still running like new. 80cfm and 0.3 sones, it’s a really nice fan.

Possibly because these fans have DC motors, instead of the old fashion AC (armature) motors that use much more electricity…just guessing.

I have two Panasonic fans as well as one Delta breeze. Panasonic used to be the only ones with DC motors. However, they have kept the prices of those with DC motors much higher than these Delta fans.

One of my Panasonic fans bit the dust while
still within the warranty period. Panasonic asked for an examination by a certified electrician. Around here, they charge more
per visit than my Cardiologist. I junked it!

I have one that we installed in my parent’s basement bathroom. It had to be quiet since the dining room is above that space and God only knows, no one wants to know what business you are doing while they are eating above. Ours was an 80 cfm with the humidity sensor (none of these here) with a .3 dec level. Let me tell you, it is wickedly quiet. You can stand in the room with it on and if you didn’t see the little led light showing it was on, you would never know it. Works like a charm too. I’m buying a small 50 cfm here today to put in my powder room. I have panasonics in my other bathrooms and they are also quiet (.5 dec) but not as quiet as the delta .3 dec. That is really the key to look for. If you are in the 1.0 or above you will hear it but definitely not as loud as the basic builder special $10 broan bathroom fans.

OK, if you’re interested in moving a lot of air silently, the mother ship (Amazon) has the Panasonic FV-11VQ5 WhisperCeiling 110 CFM for $119.93 with free shipping and it is rated at 0.3 sones, compared to 1.1 sones for the Delta Breez available here. However, it does not have the lights.

With that being said, I am in for the big one here. I am going to put it in the laundry room where noise isn’t a concern, and my wife wants the lights on it, and Panasonic’s version with lights is around $177.

So, in a nutshell, depending on what’s important to you, SHOP AROUND!