Delta Breez Bathroom Fans - Your Choice

These all look to me like they fit into an existing place and ducting. What do you do if (like me) you live in a rental with a small bathroom, no fan, and just one crappy ceiling light? Currently I just leave the door and window (it does have one of those, on an air shaft) to let the place dry out, but it’s not optimal. I could even see value from just installing a fan with no ducting, just to aid in moving the air around the room and eventually in/out the window. Any thoughts?

Landlord here - sounds risky. It’s hard wired, and most landlords would not want an unlicensed tenant to be making mods on the property without permission.

You might, if there is time, check with the landlord, suggest the idea (it’s great for a landlord to have something that would help prevent mold and mildew), and see his/her reaction.

I researched these and wish these had the humidity sensors. Without it I am not sure I see the value.

0.1" of static pressure isn’t going to get that air far.

Many thanks.

I thought i needed a new fan so I bought a good one, read the instructions, went into the attic, took measurements and…called an electrician as things didn’t line up at all. The guy was on the road and had time to discuss it with me and said I simply needed a new motor for my old fan. Had me take the grill off while we talked and based on description of what I saw told me Lowes had the part for $12. Best of all was the motor plugged in with a plug like a lamp, no wiring at all. It was so easy and the result so quiet I replaced all three fan motors in the house in 30 minutes.

I got one of the 110cfms to replace an old Broan. Seems nice. I replaced the 4w incandescent night light with a 2w LED (15w equivalent) from Ikea. This is a nice don’t-blind-me-in-the-middle-of-the-night light but is bright enough to see by, which the 4w bulb was not. I already have enough light in the bathroom to not need the main CFL light that’s included. It’s too bright for the night light, and the smallest CFL I could find is 9w (40w incandescent equivalent) which is still too bright at night.

The old fan was mounted up against a joist and screwed into it. I kept the same method, though it’s too heavy to be supported from just one side. I taped a piece of wood to the attic side of the ceiling and screwed through the ceiling for the opposite side mount.

It comes with rails to reach another joist, but they aren’t long enough for my joist spacing unless I moved the hole which I didn’t want to do. It’s also hard to get the rails in with the fan in the ceiling, and it’s hard to push it through the ceiling if the rails are mounted first. Unless you’re doing a new-build installation without the ceiling finished, the rails aren’t much use.

The noise is about the same as the Broan (at least before the bearings started to go), but with a higher cfm.