Delta Power 50-345 Universal Mobile Base

Instead of wood it’s pretty cheap to use angle iron and just drill holes through. That makes this a very rigid stand. The foot lever is sometimes a bit finnicky, but as this is really only meant to occasionally move the tool around the shop every once in a while that’s fine.

However, I find that the harbor freight equivalent is more stable once you secure it, because of the hand screws it allows you to really cinch it down good which stops it moving at all. The delta style base can still be budged if you push hard.

Years ago I bought a mobile stand for my table saw. It’s worked well ever since I bought it. I had been thinking about buying another for my band saw when I saw this ad on Woot. When I checked out the model number on Amazon, it turns out this was the same unit I bought 17 years ago for the table saw! Held up great under semi-regular use. Easy to push the “Buy” button now.