Delta Power Tools Jobsite Table Saw with Stand

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Delta Power Tools Jobsite Table Saw with Stand
Price: $299.99
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I have this exact saw and it has been great. I used to have a no-name from the 1950s that was a fight at every turn - even something so simple as raising the blade. By comparison, everything’s so much easier to deal with on this one it’s dreamy.

Good to hear you’ve had good experiences with this. I took one look and wondered how stable the platform was given the thin tubing and multiple joints.

Maybe I missed it, but what’s the blade size and is one included?

10" according to manufacturer website.

unless you’re a contractor who works on the job site, why would one want to pay extra to have a mobile table saw?
plus this one on amazon only has 3-1/2 stars.

I have limited space in my house for storage and woodworking. I wanted something that I could use, and store away in the corner to retain use of my garage for my car. I have a folding table saw similar to this for that use. There are trade-offs in features and power vs a fixed table saw, but something like this works for my needs.

If interested in this type of saw, also take a look at the Kobalt version that Lowe’s offers. It is made by Delta, and most of the parts are identical. Main difference is the fence is slightly harder to adjust.

They go on sale a couple times a year, and can be purchased for about $150 on sale.

I bought this same model at Home Depot on a Black Friday deal while shopping for a table saw.

Here’s the deal: if you consider yourself someone whose life is home building or woodworking, and you know everything about table saw requirements and specs, and need precision in all your woodworking projects, you’ll find the nits to pick on this product.

But if you’re just a person who needs to rip some wood for home projects and doesn’t want to drop a bunch of cash, this is a great product.

The collapsible stand is a major bonus to keep it from taking up a lot of space in the garage.

Can a dado be used with this saw…?

Specs show: Dado Capacity: 13/16 in. X 8 in. STACKED DADO

You’d probably want to buy an additional insert blank elsewhere to minimize chip-out if you’re going to use a dado stack on this or any table saw.

Nice saw - stable. Fence broke the first time I used it. Handle to lower and raise the blade came broken. Hope they have replacement parts! Oh yeah, assembly instructions? Just a joke. Nice saw though