Delta Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Featuring Touch2O

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Delta Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Featuring Touch2O
Price: $304.99
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seems like a good deal… but not as good as WOOT! would lead us to believe - no one is selling it for the “list” price. Great marketing though.

We’ve got this in polished nickel. That “touch” thing can be iritating when you’re working at the sink and accidentally brush by it and it comes on. In addition, I was beating the heck out of my mother’s kitchen faucet when I suddenly realized she did NOT have a touch-sensitive set-up. lol Just saying…

Not a good deal on Woot. Ten percent lower price, free shipping and no tax on eBay. The faucet is overpriced to begin with, Delta should retail this faucet for less than $100.

Bought one of these at Home Depot last year for my kitchen remodel and we are very pleased with it. Takes a handful of AA batteries, but they last forever. Tip: if working around the faucet (installing back splash for example) put the handle in the “off” position.

I have a Delta touch faucet (different model) as well and we love ours. In fact the only complaint was the cheapness of the plastic soap dispenser. Swapped that out for an all-brass one and my germophobic family is supremely happy.

No joke! We also got one and both comments are exactly my experience. I get so used to hitting it that I try turning on all faucets that way. Personally I didn’t care for the irritating turning on/off when you didn’t mean to, but we recently moved and I just purchased another one because my wife loved it and misses it.

I’m a little late to this party, but for future reference I feel a duty to comment.

I loved this faucet. Loved it 2nd only to the ice and water from the door of my french door giant fridge.

My husband hated this faucet. Correction - he HATES this faucet. It’s still installed but a new, non-touch 2o faucet is on it’s way to replace it.

This faucet was great until it wasn’t. There is a flaw in the design of the little celluloid/valve thingy. He’s done fixing it. Water flow maxes at a dribble when it decides to go on strike.

I love touching the faucet on and off, but I love actually being able to get water from the faucet more.