Delta ShopMaster 10" Portable Table Saw

Delta ShopMaster 10" Portable Table Saw

this is the same saw that was made under the name of porter cable. It has recently been recalled due to fire hazard.

[TT: This is NOT true. See below.]

NO. That one was sold exclusively at Lowes. Even your article states this. The CPSC lists all brand names for recalls.

FALSE! Nice try, detective.

I’m kinda hesitant to buy, based on the Porter Cable issue. This saw is an exact duplicate in almost every way. I owned the PC version it’s on my side yard, as I had to disable it for the refund. The manuals are almost the exact same as well, all the measurements and such are the same.

The only possible difference could be the motor. I do hope it’s a better/upgraded motor. I really liked my saw and had no problems with it. But as reported it had numerous safety issues, hence the recall.

I repeat: This is not a recalled item.

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Can this be removed from stand used on a work bench and or the stand it is shown with? A gal asking please. Thanks.

Found this in the manual on this site.