Delta Touch-Activated Faucet


pretty good reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at

Why not?

four perfect reviews over at amazon

Le’ts check out the product page

I wonder if you can touch it with ANY body part to turn it on…

Are we a little conceited? :slight_smile:

Perfect for kids who can’t reach the knobs yet or aren’t strong enough for pull-on type faucets.

If you can potty train 'em 3 months earlier, this will have paid for itself in diapers.

These are excellent for the handicapped and those that suffer from severe arthritis. My Mom replaced her kitchen and bathroom faucets with these and has been very happy with them. My little sister has Cerebral Palsy and can’t work a regular faucet handle, but can use these. Her kitchen one is fantastic while cooking so you aren’t touching the handle with raw chicken fingers or sticky/dirty hands.

Can’t tell you how much I LOVE my touch faucet in the kitchen!! Wish I hadn’t just replaced the bathroom faucets a year ago! :-/

Why in the world do you need touch activation on a faucet with a lever-type handle? How is touching my wrist to the top of the faucet different from touching it to the bottom of the lever? And what happens if the power goes out, no water? These faucets solve a problem that doesn’t exist.

I really wanted one of these - with reptiles in the house there is a lot of handwashing and anything to make that easier… however SIX (6) AA batteries?

Anyone have one of these estimate how often you have to replace the batteries? Thanks!

I bought these when they first came out for my bathrooms at 3 times the price. These can be used with or without the touch feature that is why the lever will work no matter what. I had problems with solenoids getting particles of sand but Delta sent me replacement parts asap under warranty. Mine take 4 AA batteries and haven’t changed them yet. These save water, can be programed to turn on when hands are close without touching and are very convenient. These are worth this price, get the stainless


They are TERRIBLE!!!

If you do a Google search of “Delta Touch Faucet Review,” I think you’ll find my plea to humanity to avoid these horrible things.

They were invented by the devil himself, put here to taunt us.



Here’s an honest review

Here’s a video of this possessed faucet in action:

Here’s America’s cooking sweetheart Rachael Ray, who is also not a fan:



These things EAT BATTERIES like they are Sk1ttles!

Even when they are not in “touch mode,” the frealking handle DOES NOT WORK WELL!

It’s practically IMPOSSIBLE to adjust the water pressure and maintain the same temperature you worked so hard to create.

Save your money and buy a Moen instead. Or an American Standard. Or Glacier Bay.

Anything but the Delta touch faucet.

Seriously. I am not fooling around here, folks.

There are few things I despise more than the evil named Delta touch faucet.

I’d rather have a root canal without anaesthesia than to have to use one of these crappy faucets.

In the immortal words of Al Yankovic, I’d rather rip my heart right out of my ribcage with my bare hands and then throw it on the floor and stomp on it 'til I die, than spend one more minute with the Delta touch faucet!

I recognize your passion about this, but every link you show is the same faucet - one that is NOT for sale today on Woot! It is the wrong model and at least one of those reviews is 2 yrs old. Are you suggesting the problem was not corrected in the two models Woot! is selling, or not fixed in the last 2 years? Can you document or provide proof to that effect?

Seems like it is working, at least the water is on in the picture.

Go ahead and buy three now and then you’ll believe me later!

My Delta touch faucet experience was exceptionally unpleasant! Those Delta people sent me enough replacement parts to make an entire second faucet and it still didn’t work as advertised. Over the course of my two years owning that piece of cr@p faucet, your logic should have dictated an improvement on the technology that would have solved my concern. My lack of satisfaction convinces me otherwise.

Even if those Delta people figured out how to stop DROPS OF WARM WATER ACTIVATING THE ONN/OFF MECHANISM, you’d still be stuck with the water hammer effect, and good luck convincing the rest of your family to not touch the handle to adjust the pressure or temperature.

Don’t confuse my enthusiastic hatred for this faucet with attention-seeking theatrics.

This faucet truly is BAD BAD BAD!

It’s a BAD solution to a problem that we didn’t have in the first place!

Happily for the doubters out there, it’s still a free country and you can buy whatever you want.

And you all will get what you deserve, people!


No. It’s just sometimes the only free extremity I have while working is my nose…