Delton MFI Flex Lightning Cables

Do not put tension on the coiled cables! Bought 3 of these and the coils just amount to wasted space because it’s impossible to really stretch them or it will pull your phone off table etc. MOST IMPORTANT is that the large body of the plug compared to the small lightening connector makes the whole end incredibly breakable and bendable(leverage)! Tension = broken so while a coiled variable length cable seems good, in practice these are too fragile and don’t stretch. I don’t suggest it. 1 of mine snapped clean off in the first few days with very little use and no strain, second one came a little bent. Haven’t used the third but I don’t want the connector to break off in phone or cause a short which the first did before breaking. Even right out of package the third one I can see that the lightning connector is easily bent or flexed from side to side in the housing and doesn’t seem like it would fare any better than the others. Sorry woot I love this site but I absolutely do not suggest these even at the discounted price. I’ll be using the wire for parts at best. Regular cables will work way better, be much more durable and compact actually, and I believe they are also currently on sale as of writing this.

Plus, not as good a value. You can get three actual apple cables for 19.99 or three of these for 20.97 Save your ninety eight cents! This should interest you, otherwise you wouldn’t be at this website.

Where are these cables available at that you are referring to?