Delusions of Grandeur


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Bacon Salt is my homeboy -

Delusions of Grandeur [Deadly cute] - $10.00 + free shipping (standard) OR $5 to get it overnight (Tuesday) OR $5 international shipping

1 * Navy Woot Tee

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I think the snake is going to win against the hawk.


The early (delusional) bird catches the snake!


I bet Beefmoe64 is one popular dude on Shadow Puppet Night at the local public library.


I guess it’s the early…hawk who gets the…snake?


I have delusions of grandeur… I have the wings of a sparrow but pine for the wingspan of a bald eagle :smiley:


Little known fact…the Sun exposes the split-personalities of all animals.


Does shirt.woot ship to Mexico?


I think that Beefmoe64 spends too much time on Twitter.


I do believe so.

The thing I like most about this shirt is that it doesn’t absolutely suck like the other option. Or the two before it


I suppose birds get a little jealous of the Mexican flag when they fly south for the winter.


I wish my shadow was that awesome.


I can no longer see a tiny blue bird without thinking of Twitter. (I think it may be a medical condition.)


That story is a total flashback of the first ten years of my life.

Really cute design and nice execution, though.

Also, this was a really good derby. I hope to see more animal themes soon. Dogs. Elephants. Scorpions. Just no spiders. Spiders=bad.

And I really, really, really want to see Independence come back as an HM.

Also, I had no idea Twitter had anything to do with little blue birds. Imagine my surprise when this one is immediately dubbed “Twitter Bird.” I always learn the subtler references of a shirt AFTER I buy it.


Yeah, you can tell by the glassy eyes that this guy is lost in his fantasy. A legend in his own mind. Hey, I know PEOPLE like that! :wink:


Twitter bird?


I hope so, everyone there will want to buy it.


I’m glad we have that snake-shadow to clarify which end of the worm is the head.

Not that it really matters too terribly much, in Mexico they always eat the whole worm. :wink:


This was a very cute idea and design… congrats!:slight_smile: