Delusions of Grandeur

Am I required to make a joke about this shirt being ferocious?

I didn’t know woot would print more than one shirt with the same title:

Don’t worry, I have the theme song for this shirt on hand!

I think all house cats feel this way about themselves. Mine often starts fights with dogs three times her size. And wins.

The wonderful thing about tigers is that tigers are wonderful things…

It’s a kitty!

Sorry, the relevance of my statements is inversely related to my proximity to cats.

Another derby choice I voted that “made it!”
I like the contrast of this better than what I voted on. Nice final choice

The concept itself is great, but the execution is amazing. Reflections are always hard to draw, and I feel like cmdixon2 really pulled it off well.

awesome shirt! AND…and curvature of the mirrors IS CORRECT to get the image effects depicted (edited 'cause I tried it out with my door mirror…and bought 3 shirts Raaarrrr :wink:

I thought that outwards bending mirrors make the viewer bigger, and inward bending mirrors make the viewer smaller

From one hoosier to another, congrats on the print!

nice win, CMD…if the cat was the Cat in the Hat, would it be worn like this…

am I missing something… the mirrors are backwards…

I mean the convex/concaveness is switched… maybe I don’t get it.

Now just imagine that tiger let loose in the mirror maze-- suddenly the fun house isn’t so fun any more.

good to see a cmdixon2 again…very orange cat thinking evident here, with nicely subtle colors + expressions

You don’t need Science to have tiger blood.

No, the reflections are correct. Convex mirrors (dog) are also known as wide angle, so you see more in the mirror, but smaller. Concave mirrors (cat) are also known as magnifying - you see a smaller area, but it will be enlarged.

Nice! Totally didn’t expect this one to make it.

Thanks to all that voted for it. And thanks to all those damned cats with huge egos.

And for all those saying the mirrors are incorrect, I’ve already explained it in my shirt thread.

Thanks again everyone!

LOL, what you see is not what you’ll get. Is this shirt promising that you’ll be surprised that they have so much potential or disappointed that they don’t live up to their inner self?

I thought for sure woot would change the title as they’d already printed another shirt with that title… I guess it’ll turn into a guessing game. Did you mean the one with the bird catching a worm that thinks its a hawk catching a snake or the one with the cat and the wolf that think their a tiger and a dog?