Deluxe Double Orbital Lounger

**Item: **Deluxe Double Orbital Lounger
Price: $239.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Pretty good review from Home Depot

Some more feedback from Amazon Users, who didnt seem so pleased.

Got the single version on Woot before and it’s on the living room now, in front of the TV. So comfortable and really like floating on air.

Nice sturdy product but kinda took us time to assemble it and making sure it was corrently secure.

I have a couple of the singles from a previous deal. They were great while indoors but six months of being outside and the inside of the tubes rusted out to the point where one of them cracked. Would buy them again because they’re so damn comfortable but next time I’d keep them out of the rainy Wasington weather.

i really like turtles

This looks like it would be comfortable to lay in, but I have a question for anyone who owns this–how do you sit down? It looks like if I tried to sit from the bottom it will flip forward and hit me in the head. Swinging a leg over the metal armrest looks like it would be awkward and possibly cause damage to me or it. Also, I have reservations for 2 adults to share this. I don’t want to be that close on a hot summer day. But I could see kids enjoying this arrangement.

…how the **** did you get in here?