DeMarini 2013 M2M -3 Adult Baseball Bat

That price is just batty!

Hypothetically, if someone were to be behind on their payments for a particular…service…

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Does it hit the ball for you or somehow make baseball interesting?

Didn’t see the BBCOR certification originally and was worried. That said, these are great bats, and this is a good price for one. Not currently in the market for one or I might have bought it. I can tell you that as a baseball coach if a kid brought one of these, the parents usually refused to let him share it (because of the cost) but all the kids wanted to (because of the great balance and hitting the bats deliver).

Woot’s price is a little low for some DeMarini’s. I’ve seen them usually around $300.

Silly Wooter.

Would people who know recomend this for slow pitch softball or would it be better to get a bat specifically made for softball due to the less stringent standards that softball bats have to meet?

I’ve only coached baseball, but I know that the bats definitely hit a softball different. Without being a softball coach, I’d hesitate to recommend this simply because I’d guess softball bats have a different size barrel. Even though the company says these are “big barrel” , they are far from what I consider a big barrel to be (true big barrel bats being illegal for baseball use for a few years now in most leagues over 13 or 14 yr old players).

You could always call up a sports store and ask them. The folks around here that work in the baseball section of a Sporting goods store almost always play and have advice.

Does this bat meet the new USSSA regs? I heard they changed regarding bats for 2013…

Expensive for sporting equipment.

Cost-effective for a home security system.

DeMarini 2013 M2M -3 Adult Baseball Bat (BBCOR)

WOOT Today = $129.99 + $5 shipping
**Woot Price Today is best price by a long shot

Baseball Express = $249.99 + shipping (unspecified amount)|1/Nty/1/Ntk/Def/Ntx/mode%20matchallpartial/Ntt/demarini%20m2m/VCategory/SEARCH_SUCCESSFUL/

ebay = $249.95 + ships free

Home Run Monkey = $249.99 + shipping unspecified.

Information and prices posted here are from a Google search I made in good faith only for "average comparison’ purposes one may find on the web. Your own search may find different and/or lower prices.

Most likely you wouldn’t be allowed to use a baseball bat in a softball game. Softball bats have a much smaller barrel, and softball leagues have rules against using baseball bats.

Just saw this bat online for $119.99 @

[MOD: that is the 2012 model. We are selling the 2013. Please remember to link when referring to other sites.]

baseball bats are ILLEGAL for softball.

illegal for organized softball softball

as an adult who still plays baseball…and softball… I can say its been a while since I have seen a player use a 32 or 33 length.
I would be careful if considering this marginal bat as a gift for that reason.

high-end bats are composite, not aluminum. But the league that’s you play In Determines what bats are allowed. This should be acceptable most everywhere, but still needs to be verified for your league

I used a 33 inch bat through my high school and college career, as did many of my teammates. It is a matter of personal preference when you get to the high school and college level. That said, do not buy this bat for a little leaguer. BBCOR = dead and heavy. BBCOR is supposed to simulate the action you get off of a wood bat and consequently prevent some of the hot flight achieved off of today’s high-tech composite bats (limiting injuries, yada yada yada). You might as well swing a wood bat if you can afford to replace a few of them a year. Pony Baseball, as well as others, went to rules limiting 2 5/8" barrel bats to BBCOR only, while outlawing 2 3/4". Making it even more confusing, 2 1/4" bats can by composite ( and not BBCOR certified). Rules for 2013 may change. That all said, DeMarini’s quality is sub-par compared to many of the other manufacturers like Easton. I would never drop a dime on a DeMarini, but hey, it’s your dime and batting average. It’s good to see some baseball action on Woot.

Any high school player will use a bat in this size range. I’m 5’7" and I used a 32in when I played. The taller guys would use a 33in. This bat can be used in any league that specifies a BBCOR certification… Softball bats are a different story. They are traditionally longer because of the change in game play. The bats are lighter with smaller barrels. A person of my height might use a 34in softball bat.
All in all, a great deal on a nice bat.

This bat wouldn’t be “legal” in my women’s slow pitch league. The bat has to be a slow pitch bat.

Agreed! Just want to mention even though it’s off season, baseball fans are welcome in the Woot Dugout!